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(Top, Left to Right) Junior Thomas Rodriguez, sophomore Emma Tubbs, juniors Anatascia Martinez and Matthew Hudman, and junior Kimberly Morales. (Bottom, Left to Right) Seniors Mel Orellana, Victoria Patterson, Max Rutherford, and Raven Gatson.

The Power of Student Journalism

November 22, 2019

It is our job to share the news and create a collection of memories that students keep forever. We thriv...

The United States Capitol houses the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Congress should introduce term limits for themselves

November 19, 2019

In 1947, following the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Congress ratified the 22nd Amendment imp...

Bulletproof backpacks, a new line of defense

By: Alexandra Villanueva, Senior

August 23, 2019

Lockdown...Lockdown….Lockdown! These are the words we hear at Judson High School that instantly makes fear set in. We don’t know if it's just a drill or if something is actually happening. All you can do is try to keep calm and listen to the breathing of your friends next to you in the dark, silent classroom - your heart...

Get off your phone!

By: Alexandra Villanueva, Senior

January 18, 2019

In a classroom, you expect to see the teacher at the board, students taking notes, and everyone paying attention. But as you look around, it seems the view is obscured. Students have earbuds in, phones are on and unlocked and Instagram feeds are being scrolled through. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Now I will admit, I...

High school basketball should have a shot clock

By: Raven Gatson, Senior

January 16, 2019

On February 28, 2018, a girls basketball game in Minnesota between Waseca High School and Marshall High School received national attention ending in a low score of, 17-4. KARE-TV reported Waseca winning the game, but Marshall held the ball for up to 8 minutes within a half, completely stalling Waseca offense. This caused gre...

BTS needs the recognition they deserve

By: Camille McWhirter, Senior

December 17, 2018

The K-pop boy band BTS has already effectively infiltrated the hearts of fans in the U.S. They’ve reached new heights on December 7 when the received a Grammy Award nomination, becoming the first K-pop group to do so. The nomination was for the best recording package for the album “Love Yourself: Tear” and the albu...

President Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico was disappointing

By: Alberto Torres, Senior

October 5, 2018

This month will be one year since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. Yet, the most powerful man in the world still seems to not know the reality of the situation, calling the handling of hurricane relief in Puerto Rico an “unsung success.” As a Puerto Rican, his statements are beyond disrespectful to me...

Teachers should not have guns in school

By: Izabella DeLaGarza, Senior

May 1, 2018

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida was something of a wake-up call for America. It was an occurrence that made everybody, especially students, finally say something needs to be done. One of the most debated ideas was giving school faculty and/or staff guns to use for defense if something w...

Use The Bathroom Right

By: Aaliyah Johnson

May 1, 2018

This scenario has happened to everyone, students, and teachers. You’re walking into the bathroom, possibly having a bad day. As you open the stall door you stopped by toilet paper scattered everywhere, not knowing if it's used or not. There are even fluids on the floor. You don't even want to try to figure out what it ...

Young relationships are hard

By: Aaliyah Johnson

October 5, 2017

Moral conflict happens when people are acting within divergent social worlds, according to different meanings. One of the reasons groups in conflict have trouble breaking the pattern of interaction between them is that each is caught in its own moral order. It’s clear that conflict occurs because expectations are not b...

Not only will he cut funds to education, but almost all other federal departments.

Trump should not cut funds to education

April 7, 2017

Education in America is already balanced on a thin economic rope. Thanks to President Trump, that rope c...

Orange is not the new black

Orange is not the new black

February 3, 2017

The only reason Donald Trump should have beat Hillary Clinton is because… when I was a kid, I wanted to b...

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