Girls soccer falls to San Marcos


Photo By: Julie Rios

On Friday, March 3, 2023 the Judson Lady Rockets(7-11-1) played against the San Marcos Lady Rattlers(8-6-4) for the second time around.,  This was after tying with them in their previous encounter on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. 

The Rockets kicked the ball off, but the Rattlers didn’t hold back. The first half went back and forth between the Rattlers and Rockets having possession. The Judson offense was doing a great job of taking over. The Rockets took many chances at scoring a goal but fell short each time. While the Rattlers fought back attempting to make goals, junior Amaya Potts didn’t let that happen and went in for amazing saves. This marked the first half ending in a tie, 0-0. 

As the Lady Rockets kicked off the second half, the Rattlers took possession of the ball within minutes. Senior Tatiana Easterling had a couple of attempts at making goals. A few minutes later, the Lady Rattlers scored their first goal, making it 1-0. Judson struggled as the Rattlers’ offense took control, not long after their first goal, the Rattlers were able to make their second goal making the score 2-0. Judson makes a change and takes out Amaya Potts as goalie and puts her in as forward. With this change being made, Judson quickly picks up their pace and takes control. Within a few minutes, the Lady Rockets were able to score their first goal by Amaya Potts. Making the score 2-1. Both teams started to get more aggressive. As Judson’s offense was trying to score, Senior Rylee Turner was put in the prime position to score with a corner kick saved by San Marcos’s goalie. As our Lady Rockets kept trying to make a comeback, the time kept winding down. Ending the night with 2-1.

The Judson Lady Rockets will play again on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, against the Steele Knights at home.