The Fuel Online

Letter to the Editor

Traditional newspapers have always allowed readers to use the newspaper’s platform to comment on a wide range of issues, taking advantage of their First Amendment rights. The Fuel will also follow that tradition. Students, teachers, parents, community members, and anyone in the Judson community can submit a Letter To The Editor. This letter can comment on any subject the writer chooses concerning the Judson community.

After the letter is reviewed, it will then be posted under “opinions.”

In order for the letter to be posted, the submission must follow these guidelines:

  1. You must submit your name, which will be published as the editorial’s author.
  2. Your submission cannot contain any profanity, nudity, or violence.
  3. Your submission cannot suggest harm against someone or something.
  4. Your submission must be edited for syntax and grammatical errors.
  5. The Fuel has the right to edit the submission for grammatical purposes. We will not change the purpose or tone of your letter.
  6. Your submission must be sent via email. The link is below.
  7. Judson High School’s principal ultimately has the final say if the letter will be published.

If you agree to these guidelines, click here to submit your letter to the editor or email your Word document directly to [email protected].