A place for students to share their faith

Fellowship of Christian Athletes focuses on being a place for not only athletes, but all students, to share their faith

Emily Stein

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Photo By: Emily Stein

Sophomore Robert Rigsby shares his story about going to FCA camp. The camp set a precedent for students returning to school and keeping their faith alive.

In a world that is filled with hatred and fear, everybody needs to have a place where they feel love and belonging. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club where – joined by their faith –  students can discuss their trials and tribulations in day-to-day life and create a community within each other.

FCA meeting starts with the sponsors Coach James Green, Coach Christina Holland, and Head Softball Coach Theresa Urbanovsky sharing what the organization is all about.

“From my perspective, this is kind of like a [way to] let it all out and share things with my family because this is family. We are a family. We all have the same beliefs. That’s why we are all here,” Green said.

At their first meeting, after a prayer and recap for new and returning members, sophomore Robert Rigsby shared his experience attending the FCA Leadership Camp at Hardin-Simmons University this summer.

“We really bonded and experienced more than just a group of strangers and really became brothers. FCA camp was just a blast because I got to realize that I could get closer and I can help others get started and get closer with God,” Rigsby said.

The camp set Rigsby on the right track for the beginning of this school year and what members of the FCA are trying to teach students.

“The main point is that at school, people are afraid to really show God in their life and to not take Him as their savior. I learned I need to go out and spread more of His word and I need to read the Bible more,” Rigsby said.

The club is teen-led and teen-focused, giving students like sophomore Kyonte Holder a place to gather and share thoughts with like minded students.

“I come to FCA because… it just helps build your relationship with God and build your faith. Just to see other people coming is a great,” Holder said.

Students are encouraged by their sponsors to show what they learn from FCA in everyday life.

“We all have a common love. We are all here for the same reasons – we are Christians. But, at the same time, we are not telling you guys to just go out and put it on people. There are moments when you can just spread that love to somebody,” Green said.

Student gives an announcement for upcoming community service events. The FCA has always been a club that serves their community.

The club plans to do community service and other activities for the organization for a unique experience.

“FCA is service. We are able to give back to our community and families who can’t afford to eat or are in struggling situations,” Holland said.

Despite the name, the club is not exclusive to athletes. The sponsors and students are continually encouraging attendance from students all over the school.

“We have other kids that come here and everybody’s invited. Know that this is not just an athletic group. It’s everybody. It’s our school,” Urbanovsky said. “People are going to try to figure out what this is all about and [if] they’re not sure, invite them to come see it and get a feel for it. Ultimately, what we are asking is for you to speak by your actions and how you do things. People will see your heart and see how pure you are and see if you are walking that Christian walk.”

The environment of the club is encouraging and positive. The members are able to relate to each other a build relationships with each other through a common message.

“In high school, we got a lot of things going on,” senior Elvira Garcia said. “We have a lot of stuff right now. But God is going to take care of y’all and you’re going to be okay.”