Administration decides to change mascot to Astronauts

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Administration decides to change mascot to Astronauts

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In an effort to continue with the space theme, but actually giving the students something to look up to rather than an inanimate object, the administration has decided to change the mascot to Astronauts. The decision has to be approved by the school board.

“We need to evolve,” a school administrator said. “Tradition is important, but so is making changes to stay up to par with other schools.”

The decision came after the dance team decided to change their names.

“Change is not a bad thing,” another administrator said. “Hopefully, students and the community will be on board.”

The decision has solely been an administrative discussion, as they know what’s best for the school. However, many teachers who have been at Judson for a while are upset with the change.

“I seriously have no words for you,” a veteran teacher said. “No words. Thoughts, but no words.”

The administration plans to take the case to the school board during next month’s board meeting. It will take nearly $200,000 dollars for the change.

The Diamond J will also need to be redesign and may no longer be called the “Diamond J.”


Happy April Fool’s Day! This fictional, satirical story is part of The Fuel’s new tradition of April Fool’s Day stories. Nothing in this story is based on factual information.

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