Agriculture program hosting the first Judson Agricultural Exposition


For the first time in its history, the Judson Agriscience Program is hosting the first Judson Agricultural Exposition, an agricultural show that is specific to Judson ISD students.

According to their website, “The Judson Agriculture Exposition promotes responsibility and leadership skills through the educational work of the Judson FFA Chapter. This is accomplished by incorporating all phases of agriculture.”

“We basically created our own show that gives money back to our kids,” agricultural science teacher Mrs. Sondra Loshe said. “We’ve always had chapter shows, where students get experience preparing for them. They always had the options to do it at Bexar County Livestock Show and Rodeo, but we wanted them to have that option to do it here.”

With 26 years in education, 17 of them at Judson High School, agriculture science teacher Mr. Jay Trees has been eying this opportunity for over 10 years.

This was an opportunity coming for a long time. We have been talking about putting on this show for a while. Just so happens that this particular year, with COVID-19, it was a pivotal point to insert our own show,” Trees said.

Much of the success of the show is dependent on the support of the community. From Superintendent Dr. Jeanette Ball, to Principal Jesus Hernandez, to community members and parents, everyone has come together to support this massive undertaking.

“When it comes to taking care of Judson and Converse, everyone comes out when it’s time to support our own,” Trees said. “To me, there is nothing more rewarding when the kids put their true effort and reward them with what they deserve.”

Between the five agricultural science teachers, parents, and volunteers, they have raised over $50,000 to give back to students.

“It’s still unbelievable that we’ve been able to put it together,” Loshe said. “There have been so many people putting it together. It makes me proud of our program, of my teaching partners.”

Students will be able to show sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, chickens and rabbits. Students will also be able to participate in a handicraft and mechanics portion.

“Our students spend a lot of money and put months and months of effort into these projects, feeding twice a day, bathing, walking twice a day, preparing them to be presented to the judge,” Lohse said. “We created rules and structure in order to bring sponsors in support of our students.”

As a product of the Judson Agricultural Science program, Lohse understands how special this opportunity is for their students.

“In the four years I raised animals, I put so much work in those animals. I had a lot of pride in those animals. I want to go and present it in the best possible light. Because of it, I think I have a stronger work ethic because of it,” Lohse said. “We didn’t have the money to spend on animals growing up. Now, our students will be able to take this money and invest in other projects – 100% of our students who will compete will have a return.”

The organization will be holding this exposition from December 10 through the 12. You can receive more information here or contact Mr. Trees at [email protected]


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