Bring back the lip dub

From the Hammerbowl to extravagant homecomings, Food Fest and Dig Pink, Judson High School has been known for numerous spirited fall activities and traditions. Unfortunately, this year’s lip dub has been cut from the school’s list.

One of the greatest parts of the lip dub is simply the fact that all of Judson’s clubs and organizations get to be represented. The lip dub allows for each group to showcase their creativity in such a short time period. By giving each of these organizations the chance to receive exposure, students are able to be aware of what activities the school has to offer.

Likewise, even though most school events are able to be observed by students, not all of the organizations get to directly participate in them. The lip dub changes all of this and gives the students behind clubs and organizations the opportunity to show their Rocket Pride.

Upperclassmen who were a part of the past lip dubs remembers the vibrant signs created to represent their groups, the enthusiastic practices, and the dynamic final product, all of which help to create a permanent, animated memory.

Sadly, this year’s lip dub will not be continued. A sponsor needs to be able to assume the responsibility of vigorous planning and heavy organization that is needed to make the video a success. The students of the campus need to have more spirit. Most importantly, the students need to want it.

It is much more than just a lavish video. The making of the lip dub is an exciting event that all Rockets should be able to experience.

There is no guarantee that the lip dub will ever be renewed. However, by remembering the lively feelings that accompany it, those who once manage the making of the video might be inspired to bring it back. In all, if it has been cut permanently, Judson can still look back on the two upbeat videos already made and think back to the spirited memories that came with making them.

It’s evident that the lip dub should continue to be a fall tradition here at Judson. Not only does it help to boost school spirit significantly by allowing participation for all Rockets, but it is also a great display of Rocket Pride for others to witness.