BTS needs the recognition they deserve

The K-pop boy band BTS has already effectively infiltrated the hearts of fans in the U.S. They’ve reached new heights on December 7 when the received a Grammy Award nomination, becoming the first K-pop group to do so.

The nomination was for the best recording package for the album “Love Yourself: Tear” and the album’s art director, HuskyFox.

Most people would write this off without a second thought, saying that it isn’t important or that the nomination isn’t relevant enough. But I strongly disagree.

This momentous occasion is something that shouldn’t be written off so fast.

Being the first K-pop group to ever receive a Grammy nomination is amazing in itself. No other K-pop group has been able to climb this high into the American music industry. Girls Generation and Big Bang made an impact before, but it wasn’t as intense nor as long as BTS.

Despite the nomination being for the album and the art director, the nomination still has BTS’s name on it, clear as day. It’s a single step of BTS’ journey towards higher heights, a step that has their foot in the door. Even if they don’t win the award, it shows that they have at least been noticed.

The Grammy nominations are vast, ranging from folk and traditional music to rock and metal. They included a culture that has really only been touched with PSY. With nominating BTS, that could lead to other awards for other talented artists and groups from other cultures around the world.

Many people will argue that BTS doesn’t deserve a Grammy because they speak another language. Though, no one speaks up like that with Despacito. Despite the language barrier, their empowering messages have still reach fans across the globe.

BTS is a talented group with amazing music and heartwarming messages about loving yourself, music that should be given a chance, not just swept under the rug.