Career center provides resources for post-high school life

Tyler Williams

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Photo By: Claudia Quiroz

Providing her services for over 15 years as a career/college counselor, Stacey Shorter has helped many students with careers and helped them set up for the next chapter of their lives.

The career center is a place to help students get the basic needs out the way and prepare for life after high school. The center assists with college applications process, college entrance exams, Texas Success Initiative Test, transcripts, ASVAB testing, scholarship opportunities, job queries, even a dual credit process to earn early college credit.

“It’s a central location the students are comfortable with visiting as they seek guidance,” Shorter said.

Day by day, students come in with acceptance letters to college or come in with news regarding the military as their next step in what they want to pursue after graduating.

“I am very excited when a student gets accepted because this opportunity is a huge stepping stone as it puts them closer to their dream,” Shorter said.

Being the career center facilitator gives Shorter the ability to impact students’ lives in a positive way, and possibly help them think differently about their future.

“I want to help students embrace their presence and prepare for their future,” Shorter said.

College is important because it’s a chance to chase your dreams, and the career center is what’s going to help you open the door to so many opportunities that will benefit you in the long run. However, it’s the student’s job to take that first step towards it.

“Our students are our future, getting the chance to attend college prepares them to be contributing members of society,” Shorter said.

The career center can help set up a backup plan incase one’s plan is not college. It also provides a pleather of resources as the students prepare for the future.