Changing of the Guard: Mrs. Carter moves up, leaving behind a legacy


Photo By: The Fuel

Mrs. Kayone Carter leaves just as her daughter, Ms. Kaylie Carter, begins her first year of teaching at Judson High School.

As far as alumni go there have been many graduated classes that came out of Judson. But one alum decided to return and leave a legacy and her family name behind by being one of the most familiar faces and beloved administrators throughout the school. Recognized by the district, Mrs. Carter has recently been named the new principal for one of Judson’s feeder schools, Judson Middle School. 

Mrs. Kayone Carter has been walking these halls for 33 years after graduating from Judson in 1991. She’s been preserving the definition of Rocket Pride. Carter has been parading the halls with a smile every morning greeting the kids of Judson and maintaining a safe, learning environment throughout the year just as she did when she was a student.

“It’s bittersweet because I’ve grown and learned to love the students here at Judson High School,” Mrs. Carter said. “I feel honored to bring up the next generation of Judson High School students,” she stated. 

As sudden as the position change may seem, Carter is ready to take on this challenge with a good attitude and a great mindset. With a new staff, she’s also ready for new beginnings and new bonds to be made for the rest of the year and many more years to come. 

“I’m ready for the position, but I feel like there is a lot more to learn and grow with from my new team over there, but I know I have the support from my team over here as well” Carter stated. 

As much as she was ready to switch over to a new position in a new environment, it was indeed a bittersweet moment when she realized that her kids are going to graduate this year without her being able to see their final days as seniors. 

“It’s bittersweet, my personal kids are about to graduate and I’ve got some third graders that are about to graduate which again I’m excited about, but it’s a sad thing to leave behind.” Carter said. 

Once Mrs. Carter walks out those doors onto the next chapter of her journey, her legacy will always be remembered at Judson because of the accomplishments and the milestones she set throughout her career at Judson high school, and the name “Carter” will always be carried with the utmost importance and respect within the campus. 

As we send off Mrs. Carter, we wish her an incredible journey down at the middle school, and a huge thank you for all the love and support she’s shown to all the sports programs, fine arts programs, and the entire student body.