Custodial staff is the backbone of the campus


Photo By: Analisa Valdez

Custodian Steve Villareal works in the PAC to ensure that it is clean and safe.

Clean restrooms, swept hallways, trash taken out, a tidy cafeteria, then setting up for another day on campus. 

These are only a few of the many duties that befall the Judson High School custodial staff. 

There are over a dozen janitors that oversee the beautification of our school but rarely do they seem to get the credit they deserve for not only cleaning up after the 2,489 students enrolled here at Judson, but also the rest of the faculty, staff, and visitors. 

“For me, it’s not hard at all. I like my work,” custodian Patricia Leal said. 

The staff has the responsibility to keep the campus clean, presentable and safe. Yet, there are ways students and faculty can help make their already difficult job easier while also showing their gratitude. 

“A lot of students help me to pick-up trays and benches, and I like that,” custodian Robin Joseph said. 

If not through actions, one of the easiest ways to convey gratitude is with a simple “thank you.” Though not all of us are able to stay and help clean with them, it only takes a few moments to stop and thank them for all that they do.

“We do appreciate the students, and the teachers and the faculty,” custodian Steve Villareal said. “I do appreciate them and I notice that they notice us.” 

Most of the janitors have been a part of this community for years and have watched as students come and go. As this year’s seniors get ready to walk the stage, the custodial staff welcomes the new incoming freshmen and current students before them with advice. 

“Don’t waste your time,” Villareal said. “Don’t waste your time in the hallways, in the restrooms, outside of campus. If you wanna come to school, you gotta learn.” 

This group selflessly dedicate their early mornings, busy days, and late nights to maintaining our campus and keeping it clean. It’s not every day our janitors hear the words “thank you,” but by being more aware of our custodial staff, perhaps together we can break the norm of leaving their work unrecognized. 


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