District suggest bond to construct dome over Rutledge Stadium


Photo By: Yvonne Cardenas

Simply because it is just too hot in August – and global warming – the school board heard suggestions for a bond package that includes building a dome over Rutledge Stadium.

“We have to protect our students from the dangers of the sun,” a district official said.

A dome over the field would cost nearly $500 million dollars. However, the cost of our student’s health is priceless.

“Not only do we have to stay on top in terms of high school stadiums in the country, but we also have to think of our student’s health when it comes to their exposure on the field during events,” the district official said.

The building of the dome will have to be approved by the community. Even though the cost is high, district officials are certain that the community will keep Judson ISD’s facilities top notch.

“We are the best district in the city,” the district official said. “We have to make sure we stay there.”


Happy April Fool’s Day! This fictional, satirical story is part of The Fuel’s new tradition of April Fool’s Day stories. Nothing in this story is based on factual information.