Don’t sell me empty promises


Politicians and car salesmen are one in the same.

They both have an agenda that they’re trying to push, some ulterior motive that they hide behind a facade of fake smiles and small talk. As someone who values honesty and simplicity, I find it hard to respect people whose job is to embellish the simplest aspects of an object.

Having a government that is able to uphold the laws that have been set for the betterment of the people is a necessity. But politicians are the salesmen of the car dealership. They’re the middlemen that are looking for a way to make a profit. They serve no other purpose but to sale the product.

It’s understandable that they’re just doing their job and trying to make a profit. Yet, in most cases, the buyer already knows what they want. These middlemen take it upon themselves to forcefully change somebody’s opinion in their favor, whether it’s a choice in a car or a moral belief.

But the thing about moral beliefs is they’re not as easy to sway as somebody’s choice of vehicle. Somebody’s moral beliefs are the building blocks that they base their life on. It shouldn’t be anybody’s job to try to change it. And it shouldn’t be anyone else’s place to determine whether someone else’s beliefs are right or wrong.

I don’t have a problem with people voicing and debating about their ideas and opinions. The problem occurs when people can’t accept or even amuse the thought that the other person’s ideas and opinions may have the slightest possibility of coexisting in the same reality that they live in.

After all that has been said, my problem isn’t with politics.

My problem lays in what politics have evolved into and the people who manipulate others to benefit themselves. I am in no way trying to say that politicians and car salesmen are any less of a person or that they don’t deserve the same respect as any other person. But I’m a person who has thought long and hard about their moral beliefs, and there is a part of me that loathes anyone who’s forcefully trying to sale me something, whether it is a product or an idea, that is full of empty promises and deception.