Emily Scarlett



Photo By: Gabrielle Ponds

Where do you plan on going to college and what do you want to major in?
“UT-Dallas to major in neuroscience.”

What is your dream career and why?
“I want to be a research scientist and discover new things about the brain.”

Name one memory from this school year that will stay with you past graduation.
“This may sound cliche but prom.”

What motivated you to do so well throughout high school?
“My friend and I had a competition for better grades during 8th grade and I just never really got out of that mindset until I was already on top.”

Write your own personal quote that illustrates who you are and/or what you believe.
“I really believe in looking at both sides of a story or issue. I feel people get caught up with choosing one or the other.”

What advice would you give any incoming freshmen?
“I would say don’t procrastinate but everyone stays that and it still happens anyway.”