Emma Tubbs steps into Class President role with high hopes


Becoming class president is an honor that takes dedication. Class presidents set examples for the class, therefore all eyes are on them.

As one would expect, Senior class president, Emma Tubbs, is fulfilling those expectations. 

As a freshman, Tubbs set her mind to eventually become class president. Her main goal was to always speak for the school as well as give students a voice. Her mother, who was a Judson and Wagner teacher, helped organize graduations which meant, as a child Tubbs attended many. She looked up to the graduates speaking to the crowd. Tubbs set a goal to one day be the one on stage at graduation, with students looking up at her.

“Ever since freshman year, I had done what I felt I needed to do in order to be in the position I am today,” Tubbs said. “I started asking how I can speak at graduation, and I heard you can be either valedictorian or class president, so my target was to be Class President. I wanted to be the role model for someone like me who was coming in and needed someone to look up to.”

Class presidents require certain characteristics, and is a job in which you must make your peers feel comfortable. Tubbs does just that.

“I don’t necessarily feel pressure [in her leadership position], I just feel like being class president you have to be a certain person,” Tubbs said. “I just want people to feel like they can come up to me if they need to talk.”

Tubbs never intended to come to JHS since her middle school fed into Clemans; however, her mom began teaching at Judson, so she made the move too to see how it felt.

“Not long being at Judson, I felt that Judson is where I wanted to stay for the rest of my high school years,” said Tubbs.

She then went on to join programs such as Judson Journalism and Student Council. It was within the journalism program that she found a home on the yearbook and newspaper staffs.

“I’m a senior at Judson and joined the journalism program doing newspaper and yearbook with Mr. Cabrera, wish seems more of my passion,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs was in the foster care system until she was 13, when she was adopted. Tubbs is grateful for her adoptive parents and sisters. Her sister is even former JHS teacher and current Testing Coordinator, Desare Machuca

“I went through the adoption process with my parents that I’m with now and they’re the best parents I could ask for and super blessed to have them along with my sisters, especially my sister Machuca,” she said. “She is definitely my cheerleader on the sidelines supporting me with everything I do, she is my rock.”.

Class president is a privilege, and Emma Tubbs is grateful for the opportunity that comes with it. As the end of her senior year draws near, she has big hopes.

“I know graduation is nearing and all these high school experiences will soon be memories. With 5 months left in our senior year, I’m going to take every opportunity I get to make the last few months of the 2021-2022 school year as memorable and fun as possible.”