Football defeats Midland Legacy

On Friday September 23, 2022 the Judson Rockets faced Midland Legacy Rebels. The first quarter started off in the Rockets’ favor, with Judson receiving the ball. 

The game advanced with a quick first down followed by quarterback Elijah Favela throwing the ball to De Morlan McGarity which led the Rockets to score a 62-yard touchdown. 7-0, Rockets. Midland Legacy then went to return the ball to the Rockets 24- yard line. The Rockets came back with a strong pass from Elijah Favela to sophomore Nathaniel Stanley, for another 5- yard touchdown. 14-0, Rockets. With just 6 minutes left in the first quarter, junior Zahkius Thomas recovered a fumble allowing Favela to hand the ball off to Stanley which gained us another 33- yard touchdown. This set the tone for the game, 1-0, Rockets’. Midland Legacy then earned the ball back but an immediate interception by Junior Myles Davis gave The Rockets possession of the ball. Anthony Evans then went to catch a deep throw for a 35- yard gain, bringing Judson fans to their feet. The Rockets gained another touchdown down from Senior Gavin Harris, which brought the score to 28-0. With a fast play from Junior Jaiden Haygood, the ball was recovered by a fumble at the 21- yard line. Favela then went to throw another ball to Nathaniel Stanley for an 8- yard touchdown, which brought the score to up to 35-0. With just 1:04 minutes left in the first quarter Favela threw senior Johnathan Johnson the ball for another 3- yard touchdown that brought the school up to 41-0, Rockets’. 

 To start the second quarter, Favela handed the ball to Sophomore Cameron Dillard for a 57-yard reception. Anthony Evans then caught a throw from Favela for a 7-yard touchdown bringing the Rockets’ score up to 47-0. With back-to-back plays from the Rockets, Midland Legacy received the ball back gaining three consecutive touchdowns bringing the score to 47- 21 ending off the second quarter. 

With the 3rd quarter going by quickly Midland Legacy quickly made the first touchdown of the quarter bringing the score to 47-27. With the Rockets making their first down they were able to gain another 9 yard touchdown from Nathaniel Stanley, causing the score to go up to 53-27. 

Going into the fourth quarter the Rockets were up by 26 points. Midland Legacy made the first two touchdowns of the quarter and gained 2 more points from the 2-point conversion, bringing the score to 53-42. With the score now close, Favela handed off the ball to Stanley for a 47 yard gain and another 7- yard touchdown, which brought the score up to 60-42. With 2:13 left in the game, Midland Legacy made a 44-yard touchdown and also gained a 2-point conversion, bringing the score to a close 60-50. The Rockets played hard until the end, showcasing their great defense and resulting in a win against Midland Legacy, which broke a three game losing streak.

The Rockets will be taking on the East Central Hornets for their first district game on October 7, 2022 at 7:30 at D.W. Rutledge stadium, be sure to come out and show your Rocket pride.