Football falls to East Central

On Friday, October 15, 2021, the Rockets (2-4) faced off against East Central (4-2) at D.W. Rutledge Stadium for their annual Homecoming game. 

To start the first quarter, the Rockets slowly inched their way up to the end zone where senior Andre Jones found a breakthrough and scored the Rocket’s first touchdown with five minutes left in the first quarter. The Hornets answered back with only seven seconds left in the first with a 30-yard throw was caught, which put the Hornets in the lead by one point and ended the first 6-7, Hornets. 

The second quarter started quickly with the Rockets pushing their way downfield in hopes for a touchdown. However, junior Adrian Cortez kicked a 28-yard field goal, which put the Rockets back in the lead for 10 seconds until the Hornets returned the ball with an end-to-end zone touchdown run followed by another touchdown. 9-21, Hornets. The Rockets tried to return the ball. However, a flag was thrown, which led the Rockets to set again and make another touchdown. However, another flag was thrown for the second time, which retracted both touchdowns.

East Central then took possession of the ball and ran it down to the end zone. Another flag was called on the play, making it incomplete, holding the score 9-21, Hornets. The Rockets then scored a 59-yard touchdown pass from senior Michael Burroughs to Jones with only 55 seconds left, making the score 16-21, Hornets, ending the second. 

The third started slightly slowly until the Rockets finally got another touchdown pass from Burroughs to junior Jeremiah Dunn which was followed by a field goal from the Hornets ending the 3rd quarter with the hornets still slightly in the lead 22-24, Hornets. 

The fourth quarter started with nail-biting back-to-back battles between both the Rockets and the Hornets. However, the Rockets pulled through at the last second scoring another touchdown. However, they missed the extra point put the score at 28-24, Rockets. The Hornets had one last drive, which was a “Hail Mary” touchdown pass from the opposite end, which was caught by the Hornets ending the fourth 28-30, Hornets. This is the first time the Rockets have lost to the Hornets in over four decades. 

The Rockets (2-5) will play Smithson Valley (7-0) on October 22, 2021, at Ranger Stadium.

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