Football wins Homecoming game against San Marcos


Photo By: Rebeca Rivera

On Friday, October 21st, 2022 the Judson Rockets (3-4) faced off against the San Marcos Rattlers (3-4) at D.W. Rutledge Stadium for their annual Homecoming Game.

To start off the game the Rockets won the coin toss to receive the ball. Junior Demorlin McGarity recovered the kickoff at the Rocket’s 25-yard line. Sophomore Elijah Favela threw a quick pass to Junior Nathaniel Stanley for a gain of four yards bringing up 3rd and 2. After the four-yard gain, the Rockets were unable to get past the Rattler’s defensive line which caused junior Douglas Tolliver to punt to the Rattler’s 31-yard line. The Rockets held back the Rattlers briefly with a tackle from senior Kavari Smith in the secondary. The Rattlers managed to gain a few yards but were tackled quickly by Sophomore Jordan Dukes and Senior Johnny Bowens. A Rattler running back was brought down quickly for a loss of two yards by Junior Jaiden Haygood which led the Rattlers to punt to the Rocket’s ninth-yard line. After a first down for the Rockets, Favela threw a pass to senior Anthony Evans who ran up the left side through the secondary and stopped at the 20-yard line for a first down. After a Miscommunication in the backfield, Evans went to the quarterback position which caused the ball to be pushed back to the 23-yard line. After this setback Favela threw a Pass down the left side to Stanley who ran 13 yards for a Rocket touchdown. 6-0, Rockets. The extra point was secured by senior Adrian Cortez, placing the Rockets at an advantage 7-0, Rockets with 5:10 left in the first. Tolliver kicked the ball off which was recovered at the 25-yard line. The Rocket’s defense, however, didn’t let the Rattlers through the line of scrimmage. After back-to-back plays by the Rockets and the Rattlers, both teams found themselves unsuccessful, ending the first quarter with the Rockets still in the lead 7-0.  

The second quarter started at the Rattler’s 23-yard line which led to a touchdown and an extra point. The Rattlers kicked the ball off to the hands of McGarity running out of bounds at the 34-yard line. Backpacking off of Mcgarity’s run, Favela handed the ball to Stanley who then made his way up to the 41-yard line giving the Rockets some momentum. A quick pass from Favela was caught by Senior Jeremiah Dunn for a first down.  Again, Stanley with a powerful run-up to the 19-yard line inched the ball closer and closer to the goal line. Problems in the backfield led 3rd and 21. Pass from Favela to Dunn who then hurdles a defender and makes his way to the 17-yard line for a gain of 10. Favela made a pass over three defenders to Dunn for a touchdown. 13-0, Rockets. Followed by the Extra point by Cortez. 14-7, Rockets. Tolliver kicked off the ball to the 30-yard line. Haygood tackled the Rattler quarterback quickly, leading to a fumble recovery by Senior Julius Calhoun running the ball back to a touchdown 20-7, Rockets. Cortez secured the extra point which totaled the score to 21-7, Rockets. The kickoff by Tolliver went far, which secured some confidence for the Rocket defense. The Rocket defense did not let anything through the line of scrimmage leading the Rattlers to a 3rd and 12. Haygood and the Rocket’s defense stop the ball on the line of scrimmage leading to a 4th and 12 causing the Rattlers to punt to the Rocket 41-yard line. Stanley busted out a 52-yard run down the ride side to the 5-yard line. Favela handed the ball off to Stanley allowing for another Rocket touchdown, a large lead of 27-7, Rockets. Tolliver kicked a touchback which made the Rattlers start at the 25-yard line. With 2:38 left in the second, the Rockets kept the Rattlers from scoring. The Rocket’s secondary didn’t allow for any passes as the Rattlers threw an incomplete pass leading to 2nd and 10. Junior Kevin Duhart made his way to the Rattler quarterback tackling him at the line of scrimmage leading to a 3rd and 10. The Rattlers decided to throw the ball right to the hands of a Rocket defender Senior Kavari Smith at the 45-yard line. On second down at the 45-yard line, Favela made a  deep pass downfield to Johnson for a first down at the 21-yard line. The Judson O-line paved the way for the running backs with multiple pancake blocks a possession. Favela out to Avery brings up 3rd and 3 at the 14-yard line. Sophomore Cameron Dillard made his way to the goal line with lead blocker Senior Tyrone Newman totaling the score to 33-7, Rockets. Cortez’s extra point makes the score 34-7, Rockets. Tolliver’s kick was far downfield which started the Rattler’s possession at the 25-yard line. A sack by Haygood at the 28-yard line leads to the end of the second with the score 34-7 Rockets were up at halftime. 

Starting off the third quarter, Tolliver kicked deep to the 21-yard line. A Rattler wide receiver was tackled quickly by the Sophomore Izieck Chandler. Pressure from the Rockets and sacks by Bowens forced a punt from the Rattlers to the 48-yard line. Stanley made a quick run to the 34-yard line. Favela made a pass out to Evans which then made a run down the right side to the 23-yard line. Some small runs lead the Rockets to have the ball at the 5-yard line inches to the goal line. Up and over multiple defenders, Favela made a pass to Dunn for a touchdown with a score of 40-7, the Rockets had a lot of confidence in the third. Extra points was good and  the score was 41-7, Rockets. The Rockets kicked off and tackled the Rattler at the 30-yard line. Junior Emmanuel Robinson pushed a Rattler out of bounds downfield but after some plays, the  Rattlers scored; 41-14, Rockets. Rattlers kicked the ball to the hands of Mcgarity for a run for 26 yards. Stanley was handed the ball to then make a run to the 31-yard line. Stanley broke off loose down the middle of the Rattler defense for a 70-yard touchdown increasing the score to 48-14, Judson. Tolliver’s Kick made it to the 40. The ball positioned at the 20-yard line rattlers were pressuring the Rocket defense. The Rockets held the Rattlers at the 12-yard line 1st and 10 leading to a sack by Duhart for a loss. The Rocket defense let up allowing the Rattlers to score making the score 49-20, Rockets. The Rattlers kicked off and recovered the ball. The Judson defense scrambled, allowing the Rattlers to score again making the score 48-28, Rockets ending the third.

Starting off the fourth quarter, Favela handed the ball off to  Stanley to then take the ball down to the 38-yard line. Stanley on the carry again took the ball to the 23-yard line for a 1st and 10.  Favela completed a pass down to Johnson for a touchdown after he broke 7 tackles and the score was up to 54-28, Rockets. Cortez’s extra point was good, making the score 55-28, Rockets. The Rockets group sacked the Rattler quarterback for a loss of yardage. Ball on the 23-yard line, Bowens tackled the Rattler receiver for a loss leading to  2nd and 10, and a Rattler was brought down by Haygood. 3rd and 6 Duhart with a slam tackle. Chandler pushed a receiver out of bounds, preventing a touchdown. Stanley made a run down the sideline for a gain of 7. The Rockets had the ball at the 15 but were stopped behind the line of scrimmage forcing a punt from Tolliver. The Rattler Quarterback got slammed for a loss by Brydon Montgomery. 2:53 left in the fourth, the Rattlers scored, making the game 55-35 with the Rockets in the lead. Rockets at the 40 1st and ten got brought back to the 50 for a 3rd and 11 ballgame. The Rockets punted to end the game leaving the game at Judson 55 and San Marcos 35.

The Rockets (5-3) will face off against the Steele Knights (8-0) on Oct 28, 2022, at D.W. Rutledge Stadium.