Getting a job is part of a teen’s rite of passage


As a teen, getting a part-time job is considered a rite of passage. Teens see their peers and close friends getting jobs and assume it is a quick and painless process. However, for some teens, getting a job can prove to be very difficult.

With constant rejection e-mails or no communication at all, the job search can become very stressful. Even when circumstances look bleak, a little preparation can help the dream of finally landing a job become a reality.

Everyone knows employers will look at applications with work experience more favorably. Therefore, as an inexperienced teen, it’s disheartening to leave such an important spot blank. However, work experience can be more than putting in a few hours at a fast food restaurant.

If you have ever babysat, mowed lawns, or volunteered, you’ve earned work experience. Some employers will even specifically ask about volunteer experience on applications. For those that don’t ask, this information can be put on a resume.

Depending on the location, employers will give you the option to submit a resume alongside an online application. If they do, take advantage! Within a resume, you can list any novice work experience, hobbies and skills to show how much of a well-rounded individual you are.

If you make one, don’t forget to list education and contact information. There are plenty of templates online to make creating one much easier. By doing this, it shows how mature you are and how much you want the job.

The time of the year also influences the likelihood of getting a job. When trying to get a job before the holidays, it’s best to apply in September and October, not November and December. Likewise, when trying to get a summer job, don’t wait until the summer months, but try applying before Memorial Day. If you wait too long, trying to get a job will take much longer and might actually lead to applications being rejected.

Not every store or restaurant has a now hiring sign at the location. Meaning, sometimes you’re going to have to find out for yourself. An easy way to figure out which locations are hiring is by going online. Employers post new jobs frequently and it’s important to know who is hiring specifically in your area.

Websites like, and are perfect for seeing the most recent job offers. They may also provide links to the application and will tell you whether or not you must apply in person.

It might be kind of confusing to figure out whether or not to apply online or in person when given the choice. Applying online is easier and allows you to apply to multiple locations quicker.

However, applying in person shows sign of strong interest and that you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. Either way, the act of applying on its own is a smart move.

If you manage to get a call or email back for an interview, congratulations! Interviews are very important and it’s beneficial to be prepared. You can practice with a family member typical questions such as, “What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Can you tell us about yourself? Why should we hire you?” During the real interview, be friendly, smile and ask follow-up questions to further show interest.

Getting a first job can be very exciting. It allows you to get work experience, meet new people, gain life-long skills and have extra spending money. As tedious as the job search can be, there is no reason to postpone it or give up altogether. In the end, the first step in getting any job is applying. Therefore, by staying positive and being patient, once you actually get a job you’ll see all the effort was worth it.