Happy Single Awareness Day

It’s ok to be single in 2017


It’s ok to be single

After the exhausting year 2016 was, it is believe some “me time” is in order. Everyone should take a well deserved break from… people.

This will not be a bitter story about the failure of teenagers in relationships, but instead an outlook on why it is okay to not be in a relationship at this time in your life.

According to The Huffington Post, 78% of teenagers have a profile on social media. It is inevitable to scroll through your feed and see two people seemingly happy and in love. They are posing in adorable photos, which are shared over a million times across Instagram with the caption “omg goals.”

When some people see these, they may desire to get out there so they can achieve those “goals.” Rather than focusing on the important things, they focus on the superficial, such as how many likes their posts can get at one time.

This constant need for a relationship can lead to a jaded mindset.

Girls everywhere, teenagers to full grown women, preach about how all men are dogs and they can’t find a good man. Boys everywhere, teenagers to full grown men, swear that girls aren’t loyal.

All men are not pigs. All girls are not cheaters. There is handful of people who aren’t ready for a relationship. One has to make sure you and the person you are interested in are ready, mentally and physically.

In case of emergency on an airplane, you are to help yourself first before others. In case of a relationship, you are to love yourself before you involve another person romantically in your life.

If you do not understand yourself or love yourself, another person will not. A good, stable relationship can provide happiness and comfort. A bad relationship can provide a learning experience, one that a person can grow off of and become a stronger person for his or her next relationship.

Taking a breather from all the distractions, stressful situations and taking time to yourself this year is an earned luxury.

People of all ages, male or female, get into relationships they are otherwise not prepared for, resulting in… a huge mess. Don’t feel like you need to have a special someone because it is more than okay to be single.