Hernandez creates Student Advisory Committee

Denesha Dean

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Within the past years, Judson has seen a growth in the student population. But with the new high school about to open its doors, the flow of new students entering Judson every year will surely lessen.

At this point, when Judson is stuck at the apex of its student population, which isn’t quite wavering, there are some issues, such as the safety of the campus, that need to be discussed. Principal Jesus Hernandez has implemented a student advisory committee, also known as PSAC, Principal’s Student Advisory Committee, to possibly address these issues.

“I want to make sure we discuss issues adults aren’t seeing, but students are,” Hernandez said.

The committee is composed of “formal and informal” junior and senior student leaders who have a leadership positions within the school and are selected by Hernandez. It’s an invitation only committee, but students can be referred by teachers who believe the student possess the characteristic to voice the opinions of the student body.

IMG_3047“This is their school. This isn’t my school,” Hernandez said.

The committee provides a safe space for students to voice the opinion of not one student, but of many, and to actually be heard. Because of this, it can allow for real change to happen.

“To be a part of the committee is something beneficial, something that speaks volumes,” Hernandez said.

The ultimate goal for the committee is to not only address concerns, but to also leave a lasting legacy, something current freshmen and sophomores will be able to continue with. If students have any concerns that they wish to discuss, they are encouraged to bring it up to a member of the advisory committee.