Honoring our campus veterans


Photo By: Rebeca Rivera

Veteran and College and Career Advisor Mr. Flores with JROTC cadet Sebastian Bernal

Veterans Day, a day to celebrate those who have served in the military and to honor those who have given their lives to protect us is celebrated on November 11th.

Within the school, there are many veterans who deserve to be recognized. 

Though they wouldn’t go back to the military today, they are glad to have served when they did, and what they served in. 

“I would not go back, currently, but if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would still make the same decisions and join when I did,” US Navy veteran Angie Venegas said. 

Career Counselor and former Marine, Jose Flores, is very proud of how he served in the military and believes that it is a great opportunity because of how much one can be changed. 

“The Marines is totally different [from] any other military service. It’s different because you come back physically changed. If you join the Marines, you’re coming back totally different from the body to the mind, and you just view the world differently,” Flores said. 

The military is not for everyone. However, it can help those who struggle to find discipline.  

“It made me a lot more disciplined when I had just gotten out of high school, and went to a community college. It hit me very quickly that I was not in the right place to be there. So, it occurred to me that I had something to do with myself, and the military was a good option,” US Army veteran Jacob Abernathy said. 

As for students, it can help to be a deciding factor in their future careers. 

“I think it’s a good idea for a young teenager who’s really unsure of their future. I think it’s a good way to not waste time. You’re lining yourself up for success in the future through your benefits. It’s a good way that you keep yourself busy by helping your future, and while you’re there, you can experience these different job titles,” Venegas said

It is not the same for everyone though. Some joined because they felt a need to help others. Army veteran, Aaron King, enlisted following the terrorist attack of 9/11. 

“I was in high school when 9/11 happened, so I enlisted because of those events following 9/11. I intentionally wanted to serve so that I could go overseas and do something to protect and preserve freedom [while trying] to do whatever I could do to prevent attacks like that in the future,” King said. 

For Dr. Carlton Bell, who was in the US Army, the military has prepared him with the essential qualities of a teacher. 

“The military has impacted my life by helping me learn how to be organized. I was always a smart guy, but I didn’t know how to put things together and make things happen. The military taught me how to handle the process and organization from beginning to end,” Bell said. 

Many veterans reminisce about the things they could do only in the military. Whereas an activity of the same sort, outside of the military, doesn’t compare. 

“I miss flying the most. I can go out and fly civilian airplanes, but they’re not capable of doing anything close to what we did in the Air Force. Flying fighters is kind of like being on a roller coaster where you have complete control, where you can go wherever you want to,” former Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force, Steven Usher said. 

Be sure to thank veterans this Friday, November 11, for everything they have given and all they have done for this country.