I Screwed Up

Every year, outgoing seniors on The Fuel staff write their Senior Column, a reflection on their four years in high school.

High school is much like riding a bike, except the bike is on fire and everything around it is too. I’m not saying high school is like hell, more of an opportunity of choices. But if you don’t make the right decisions from those choices, you’ll end up like me, feeling like you’re in hell.

Once I arrived in high school, I thought, “yeah, I’m finally going to roll with the big dogs.” But I didn’t know the consequences ahead of me. I felt free like everything I was doing was right.

But honestly, I was lost. I would never want my kids to meet freshman year Gus. Ever.

I started hanging around the “bad crowds.” It was hard for me to make a change for myself because every time I would attempt to make new friends, those new friends would see me as a bad guy because of my reputation.

It did not just affected me at school, but back home too. My parents constantly told me to get my act together. I never got motivated enough to change.

Coming into senior year, I was still behind schedule. The first semester was a roller coaster and I couldn’t keep up with any of my classes. I knew I had to make a change within myself and step up to the plate. I had no choice but to put all my focus and dedication into school. I started attending tutoring before and after school and really giving it my all.

The choices I made freshman year eventually caught up with me. I realized my mistakes when I was taking sophomore courses my senior year, along with having to take care of credit recovery before and after school.

However, I would gladly let my future children meet senior year Gus.

This year made me realize who I am as a person. I lost friends, but I’ve also made new ones. I have discovered a career interest I’m passionate about. And now, I’m looking forward to graduating with some of my childhood friends.

The little things and the choices you make in life will make or break you. More so, be wise on who you call your friends because many people will take advantage of the title. The people who call themselves true may be the ones who stab you in your back.

And of course, listen to your parents!