JISD Bond Election 2022: What you need to know

With the Bond Election coming up hosted by The Board of Trustees, many are still curious on why this election is important. 

Many students, especially in high school, are the ones that don’t fully understand how this benefits our district. During previous years the Bond election has failed but this year the district feels optimistic that things will be different. 

There are two propositions that are offered. Proposition A is safety and security which will be $172,034,900 and Proposition B is new school facilities which will be $173,265,000 with a total of $345,299,000.

The bond election was created so everyone has a say in the security and safety decisions for their child’s future at any Judson schools. Judson ISD encourages parents to participate in the meetings because they discuss all topics that are brought to the table.The parents and the community always have concerns about the students safety. Judson ISD wants to improve all safety measures so no parent worries for their child’s safety. 

 Due to the tragedy of Uvalde, now more than ever the safety of students and faculty is the district’s number one priority. If the bond election passes their first priority is upgrading and installing fencing and gates around campuses, security and alarm upgrades, an automatic lockdown system, air conditioned gyms, and new technology infrastructure upgrades to support the new security features,for starters. All this can be accomplished with votes from our community.

Another issue the district has is that they don’t have enough buses for the students which causes buses being late to school or kids waiting outside because their bus is doing many routes. Dr. Ball wants to address the issue. 

“Proposition B offers the upgrades of buses and buses will definitely help the students. I know students spend a lot of time going and coming on the buses and it’s because we had to do several routes. We don’t have enough buses right now so if we are able to purchase more buses it would truly be impactful for our students. Also two new campuses would be impactful for the students. I think with what happened in Uvalde, worrying about the safety and security so us being able to get fences, cameras, new technology that deals with safety and security would be instrumental and help students feel more at ease and less anxious,” said Dr.Ball.  

As for students, our superintendent Dr. Ball highly recommended seniors who are over 18 to participate in the Bond Election because they have as much of a say as anyone else does. Dr. Ball understands that not all students are aware of this election so she provided a more simple but effective way of explaining it.

“The best way that I have been describing it is that most of the time people need either a loan, a student loan to go to college, a car loan or a home loan. The Bond is the same thing where we need a loan to be able to do the things that our school district needs, specifically this year for safety and security and Proposition B for the new two campuses and the buses but the same way an individual can go to the bank to get a loan, the district can’t. In order for the district to get this loan, the community must say yes to the bond,” said Dr. Ball.