Judson High School included in ALAMOPromise


Photo By: Briana Davis

Judson High School was one of 25 schools who were chosen for the first year of the ALAMOPromise. This allows students free college for up to three years.

On October 2, one of the inaugural launches for Alamo Promise took place here at the Judson Performing Arts Center. 

The celebration was based around the new initiative from Alamo Colleges is called AlamoPROMISE. This is a program to make college more accessible to graduating seniors by providing the support necessary to earn a certificate or associate’s degree at one of the five Alamo Colleges: Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, and St. Philips College. 

This opportunity was given to 25 different schools across Bexar County, which included both Wagner and Judson. For students who have concerns about paying for college, this alleviates the pressure to find funds. 

“I am beyond excited because this opens opportunities for our students. I know that as a senior, I worried and stressed as to how I would be able to afford college. I knew my parents could not financially help. The Alamo Promise will help to ease the financial burden for students,” Superintendent Jeanette Ball, Ph.D. said.

For those who attended the event, they were able to see what all Alamo Colleges had to offer. 

“I personally didn’t consider community college, but I do think a community college is a great option for saving money. We don’t need to have the college debt we have now, which is a great solution for that,” senior committee member Aaron King said. 

And for those who spoke at the event, they felt the impact that this program would have had on them if given the same advantages.

“This generation is blessed to have a lot of people and institutions that are investing in them. This ensures that they do not fall into the same trap of college debt, which affected me as well,” publications advisor Pedro Cabrera said, who also spoke at the event.

For students who reserved their seat and are considering attending through Alamo Promise, they will still need to maintain certain parameters and be prepared for the college environment.

“Alamo Colleges is an excellent program and opportunity for all students who would like to obtain their associates in a timely manner,” college counselor Mrs. Cynthia Cortez said. “But if you are a student that is not consistent and constantly changing their mind, you will be denied the next year because you have to maintain a certain GPA to stay in the program.”

Overall, the possibilities are endless for not only this graduating class but the future of education itself.

“With an education, you can accomplish and achieve so much more. It is not just about being able to make more money but about doing something in life that you are passionate about, brings you joy and makes you happy. I know that education has changed my life.” Ball said. “I hope they see it not as a handout but a hand up. They now have the opportunity but they must take advantage of it. They must put it to use.”