Judson High School is not an “F” school

Photo By: Carlos Resendez

On January 6, 2017, the State of Texas released new information regarding how they will begin classifying public schools.  The state will begin using an A-F grading system.

I would like the community to stop for a moment and reflect. During your time in school, what were the moments that meant the most? What was success? Which teacher guided you from point A to point B?

These things are not measurable.

We do not define success solely in terms of numbers and tests. We believe that a letter grade does not define a student, a classroom, a school, a district nor a community. We produce great kids! At Judson, we define success student by student. This is how we operate.

There is a plan in place for every student and every situation. Choices and options make our campus special. We revamp curriculum to address the needs of our students. We develop innovative courses to prepare students at every level.

Aside from offering four diploma plans, our students have the option of earning college credits and industry certifications via dual credit, early college, career pathways, AP, and IB. We offer all of this, with more students and less resources; yet, we outperform and stand above some of the richest schools in Texas. We have great kids doing great things with great teachers.

And on May 31, 2017, we plan on graduating nearly 750 students. Over 90% of them will graduate with a Recommended High School Diploma or better.

When I look around this campus, at our teachers and students, I see success. I also see a hard-working, diverse community that values grit, compassion, tradition, effort, and ultimately garners respect.  These things are also immeasurable.

With the onset of this new system, I’m encouraged to take on the challenge and show everyone what Rocket Pride is all about. I assure you that our faculty and staff is planning for success; no matter what accountability system is placed upon us.