Judson High School Supports Breast Cancer Awareness


Photo By: Steven Pavlicek

Everyone is well informed on breast cancer, especially it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even well-known celebrities advocate for awareness and ask for donations, especially with the Stand Up For Cancer campaign.

But do people really know what breast cancer is? Or what the risks are of getting it? Has anyone ever thought about the dangers of breast cancer?

In a healthy body, natural systems control the creation of cells. But when these systems malfunction, more cell growth and death can occur. The result is a mass of tissue called a malignant tumor, or cancer.

When this process takes place in the breast, its breast cancer. Tumors in the breast tend to grow slowly; by the time a lump is large enough to feel, it may have been growing for as long as 10 years. Some tumors grow much faster and are more aggressive.

Due to the use of regular mammography screening, most breast cancers are found through mammography. The warning signs of breast cancer are not the same for all women. The most common symptoms are a change or feel of the breast.

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen. In the U.S, about one percent of all breast cancer cases occur in men. The most common sign of breast cancer is a painless lump.

There are things that you can do to prevent cancer of any type, including leading a healthy lifestyle, eating the right fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and making sure to stay hydrated by drinking water. Sadly, there are some factors that you cannot control, such as being a woman and getting older.

IMG_9687Every year during October, Judson’s Health Science Department sells breast cancer awareness shirts to support breast cancer awareness month. The football team plays an annual Pink Out game, where the student body is asked to attend the game in their pink shirts. More so, the Judson volleyball team has their annual Dig Pink game against Wagner in support of breast cancer awareness.

It’s very important that women are aware of their health. Young women need to occasionally examine their breasts for any abnormalities. After the age of 40, it is suggested that women get a yearly mammogram.

Breast cancer is a serious thing that people should not take lightly. So let’s all support breast cancer awareness this month and fight for the cure.