Keeping Judson Clean

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Photo By: Albert Reyes

You will meet a multitude of people in your life. Some are so great that they will affect your life for the better. And sadly, there are some that will ruin it. Yet, there are some that will come into your life, making an unknown impact, yet may never get recognized for the work that they do.

When students and staff arrive at school in the morning, the floors are shiny, the building is rid of trash, and food is available to insure a great start to the morning. Sadly, the people that are gracious enough to enter the building before dawn and leave after dusk seemingly go underappreciated by the student body.

Without the custodians, the school would look unloved and junky. Judson High School looks amazing because of them.

“I arrive every day at 5:30,” custodian Mill Mallard said, making sure the halls are presentable for the day ahead. As Mallard walks into the building he mops the floors, double checks his work, and makes sure all the trash is of the ground. Doing a great job at the end of the day puts smiles on the staff’s faces.

“I feel like kids may take advantage, but it’s a human thing as well,” Mallard said. His reference is to society becoming accustomed to having things handed to them, not really appreciating what they have, and taking even the little things for granted. Mill loves his job, and always does his best to keep the school looking at its peak.

IMG_2646Judson High School is a big school. For a school this size, having enough people to do the job can become troublesome.

“I just wish we had more people,” Mallard said. Being understaffed overwhelms the custodians and put a little more unwanted stress on them. Add on the needs of 3,700 kids, and that can make the job even tougher. It is understood that our custodial staff is a bit stressed.

It can be a tough job, with tough moments, just like any other. However, they know that even if students and staff are reluctant to show it, they are appreciated by them.

With all the people in the world that we come across, it is important to remember all the good they do. No one wants to feel underappreciated. As you walk up and down the halls, make sure that you acknowledge the people that make sure the school is kept in amazing condition.