Little future farmers visit Judson’s Barnyard


Photo By: Carlos Rosas

Barnyard has been an annual event here at Judson for many years now. Barnyard gives elementary schools in Judson ISD an opportunity to take a day to get hands-on experience to learn more about agriculture. Barnyard is something enjoyable for elementary students because they are surrounded by things they may not be familiar with. Not only is it fun for them, but also a way to break down more complex processes to help them better understand the cycle of plants as well as animals.

During Barnyard there are several different stations which include a plant necklace station, goat station, veterinary med station, cow station, and many more. Each station had props or animals that allowed students to get a better understanding and view of that station’s topic. 

Judson High School FFA students remained at each station while the students from the elementary school moved through the stations to learn and hear more about different agricultural topics. Each student at each station is experienced in the topic they are explaining during Barnyard.

At the goat station students were able to feed the goats hay and learn more about the materials needed to raise and keep the goats healthy. At the cattle station, FFA members brought out more props to show how they feed, brush and take care of the cows. In addition, students were able to pet the cows at the end of their learning lesson.

During lunchtime students set up their blankets, had a picnic, and soaked up the sun around the pond. The kids were also able to talk to their teachers about their favorite part of the day so far.

When asked what is the purpose of Barnyard FFA, teacher Lauren Henderson said, “the purpose of Barnyard is to advocate for agriculture and to build community relations with the elementary students, parents, and teachers.”

Barnyard is something that is incredibly important because it’s been a tradition here at Judson High School for 12 years.  It welcomes so many young students into the world of agriculture and involves over 30 FFA students giving back to the community through advocating and teaching. 

Judson plans on continuing with the tradition of Barnyard for many years to come. Judson is hoping to expand and give more students the opportunity to grow their knowledge on agriculture. Judson High School students will continue to lead and create what Barnyard has to offer.