Make A New Friend

Judson High School has many clubs and organizations such as band, journalism, theater, art, language clubs, and especially athletics. The people in these clubs are very close to one another, so close that they sometimes only hang out with one another, sometimes only with each other.

Social cliques in high school have been around for a long time, and probably will not go away. However, there really is not a purpose in only hanging out with people in your “clique.” Isn’t high school about diversity, and culture, and making friends with someone that you think you wouldn’t have?

Being diverse/different from one another is a good thing, because other people from different places can try new things and get to know different types of cultures. It broadens your way of thinking. Everyone simply being different is what makes us unique.

Learning about someone else’s culture can not only interest you, but can also educate you and you can learn new things that you never knew about. What other way can you learn about other peoples cultures, if you don’t let them in?

Especially due to social media, it seems that we are so connected, yet so far apart. Leaving people out of groups can lead to them feeling isolated, getting depressed, and having low self-esteem. It seems that having social media can lock you to your phone 24/7 shutting everyone in your life out.

So, make a new friend. You may soon realize that that friend will be a lifelong friend, and maybe a future spouse. Before you make fun of that girl/boy because of what they are wearing or deny them sitting with you, how would you feel if it is done to you? Give them a chance. Wouldn’t you want one?