Mbayi Aben



Photo By: Tyler Williams

If your life was a movie, what movie would it be… and why?
Coming to America. I love my African culture.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be… and why?
To tell the future. Knowledge is power and can fix all problems and situations.

What famous celebrity would you want to marry… and why?
I would marry either Michael B. Jordan. I love the art he produces. We could be the black “Angelina and Brad.”

If you could be President of the United States, what is one thing you would change?
I would try to stop the ignorance and change the minds of others. Hatred is destroying our society and it needs to come to an end.

What is your dream college or plan after high school?
Spelman College. It is the best historical black college in the world. Many influential people have graduated from here. I want to make a difference.