Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $50


If money grew on trees everyone would buy their mom a brand new car straight off the lot. But of course, money does not grow on trees so we are all stuck on what to get our moms for Mother’s Day but on a budget. However, you can still show the mom in your life that you care about by buying a gift without breaking the bank. Here are ten mothers Day gifts under $50 that show your appreciation. 

But first, what even is the significance of Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is a day when we celebrate and appreciate everything our mothers have done for us. It’s a great opportunity to show our love and gratitude for all the sacrifices our mothers have made while raising us.  

1- Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker

Every mom wakes up in the morning in a bad mood… until they get that fresh cup of coffee. To brighten your mom’s morning you can purchase a single-serve coffee maker for $47.99. You can also purchase this coffee maker in other colors but cost a few more dollars. 

2- YOOLIFE Initial Jute Tote Bag with Makeup Bag 

A Tote Bag is a great gift for mothers out there who stay busy and are always running errands. This Tote Bag lets you put the initial of your mom’s first or last name. This Tote Bag also comes with an on-the-go makeup bag with two pockets and adjustable straps all at the price of $27.99. 

3- PABBEU Jewelry Box 

Everyone knows that all the mom’s in this world have an obsession with jewelry… well at least mine does. This jewelry box comes with a square mirror and three different layers that all organize any type of jewelry you can think of for $47.99. The jewelry box can be purchased in other colors all for the same price. 

4- Stanley Cup

All mothers love to sip on a nice cold drink while going on a walk or while working at her desk. This item allows your mom’s drink to stay chilled and refreshing for up to eleven hours. The Stanley Cup comes in many different colors; the fog color cup comes at a simple price of $35.

5- Echo Dot 

Whether your mother is cooking up a good dinner or working out, she might like music to get in her groove. Every mom loves to blast her old-school jams that we all say are no longer a “hit.” This item features a Google voice assistant. The price for this item is $39.

6- Lush Gift Set

No, we are not trying to tell our moms they need to shower. Instead, we are telling them to go take a nice warm relaxing bath… they deserve it. Lush is known for their classic bath bombs and body scrubs. This Lush Gift Set comes with four items; shower gel, body lotion, shower scrub, and a honey soap bar for a price of $44. 

7- H-E-B Bouquet 

You can never go wrong with a vase full of different flowers that excites any mom. At H-E-B there are many different floral arrangements with a price range of $5 to $50. The best time to go and pick out any floral arrangements is in the mornings due to flowers being a popular gift.

8- Pedicure for your mom 

All the moms in this world deserve to be treated like a queen. You can treat your mom to a nice relaxing pedicure at any local nail shop. The average price for a very good pedicure is around $50 or even lower. 

9- James Avery bracelet charms

Why not add more bling to your mom’s bracelet? At James Avery, they offer many different Mother’s Day charms that embrace the love you have for your mom. Many of the charms that James Avery offers typically fall under the $50 budget which is a steal. 

10- Judson FFA plant sale

Still not sure what to get for your mom? Come down to Judson High School’s Mother’s Day plant sale. The Judson FFA program will be hosting the plant sale on May 11th from 3:30 to 6 pm. At the plant sale you can expect to see a variety of plants all grown by FFA students (Cash or check Only).

Now you have no excuse for not getting your mom a Mother’s Day gift!