Freeman starts animation studio

Jennifer Gutierrez

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In such a big school, everyone wants to have a voice. Everyone wants to be recognized, known or seen. Needless to say, out of the E wing, a brand new animation studio wants to weave their way through the sea of students with their talents and stand out from the crowd of students.

The Judson animation studio is a new program initiated by CTE teacher DeAngelo Freeman and his practicum animation class, the last class in the animation pathway.

“If we can’t go to an opportunity, we’ll start our own opportunity,” Freeman said.

Freeman is in his fourth year in education and in his second year teaching at Judson. Freeman himself was part of a memorable new project, J Rocket TV. The idea was originated from back in ’07. Nine years later, J Rocket TV is still a part of the campus media cluster.

When Freeman was hired two years ago, he was determined to help make a mark for animation.

“I noticed that the animation program was still under construction,” Freeman said. “My goal as a teacher is to improve my program because your program has to grow. You don’t want be here for ten years doing the same old thing.”

The students are put in a work environment where they can get a feel for the industry and prepare them for career readiness. They’re not only doing something for class and a grade, but they have deadlines and quality expectations, which makes them take pride in their work.

The goals for the animation studio is to grow, get more clients, build a digital and client portfolio, build a report and have meetings. Many of the students want to start their own businesses and with this new opportunity, they can get experience in their work of field.

img_4531“When [my students] graduate and walk that stage, I want to make sure that I’ve done everything I can so the students are perfected for a life as an animator,” Freeman said.

After finding out that their original name, LimeLight Animate, was already copyrighted, they went back to the drawing board. Their name is not important right now, especially when they have the skills and determination.

“It’s okay to fail because with failure comes success. We have to fall and when we fall, we can learn from those mistakes,” Freeman said.

In the future, Freeman hopes to initiate a club where students outside of class with software skills can work together.

Currently, they are collaborating with the dental program for an informational video. They are also working with Mr. Bourbois, who runs the jumbotron, to premiere some of the animation studio’s work at the football home game against New Braunfels.

Overall, they want to help the school and community with their skills.

“Sometimes you have to kick down the door,” Freeman said. “I’m tired of knocking and asking for opportunities. We’re going to kick this door down and start our own thing.”