Mr. Lucas Lovelace starts Model UN


Photo By: Steven Stein

Mr. Lovelace holds his second interest meeting with students. He hopes that the organization grows to the size of other Model UN organizations.

The United Nations is an organization in which world leaders meet in an attempt to collaborate as a means to solve world problems. 

Sn September 16, thanks to the efforts of world geography teacher Mr. Lucas Lovelace, students will have to opportunity to simulate this organization through weekly assemblings. 

After having spent time in Italy, Mexico and even Japan, Lovelace chose Judson High School as the place to use his experiences in helping students learn about the intricate system of the UN.

“Judson High School called me and said, ‘You’ve been selected, would you like the job?’ so I feel like it was supposed to happen this way,” Lovelace said. 

The Model UN seeks to not only have students participate in simulating the projects but also to open them up to the realities of our world. 

“I think in this day in age, students need to be aware of everything that’s going [on]. Our world is so interconnected right now with globalization, [the] products that we buy are most likely from other countries,” Lovelace said. 

One of the goals this club seeks to accomplish is the enrichment of student’s knowledge of how they, as individuals, not only affect the world but have the power to change it as well. 

“Every decision we make, even on the individual level, affects somebody across the world,” Lovelace said.

As for how the club will operate, the current motive is to have the students each representing a nation within the UN. After receiving a conflict that is affecting our world, students will have the opportunity to debate and collaborate in order to come up with a solution. In fact, they will also be masquerading as the nation they’re representing while staying true to said nation’s ideals. The club even intends to provide services for the school as a whole in collecting plastic around the school. 

“What better place to start change than here at Judson High School,” Lovelace said.

Model UN is an opportunity for students to learn about the world they live in and collaborate to solve world problems. It’s a chance to enlighten students on legitimate problems that might be unaware of and inspire them to help create change in their school, community, city, or even the world. Though the Model UN is serving as a simulation, the experiences the club can provide is worth its weight in gold.