Mr. Pedro Cabrera and Ms. Latonya Jones marry in lavish library wedding


After spending the last six years in an unofficial working marriage, journalism teacher Mr. Pedro Cabrera asked cheer coach Mrs. Latonya Jones for her hand in marriage. The two threw a lavish wedding in the Judson library, unable to afford a proper location due to their teaching salaries.

“They’ve always had a love for each other,” a source close to the couple said. “It is no surprise to the staff that the two are getting married.”

Also according to the source, both of them are happily leaving their current relationships to start a relationship with each other.

“They broke their partner’s heart,” the source said. “However, if it makes them happy, then [their friends] are on board with it. They are like family.”

The two picked the Judson Library for their “lavish” wedding due to their salaries. They simply could not afford a “normal” wedding.

“We decorated the library full of Whataburger decorations,” the source said. “She just wanted to make him happy, so she made sure it was a Whataburger theme wedding.”

The couple’s next step is to eventually move in together. Their exes angrily refused our request for an interview.


Happy April Fool’s Day! This fictional, satirical story is part of The Fuel’s new tradition of April Fool’s Day stories. Nothing in this story is based on factual information.