Mrs. Mallory Tesch and Mr. Dylan Stephen crowned as faculty royalty


Photo By: ALyssa Strait

Mrs. Mallory Tesch and Mr. Dylan Stephens posed together for their first picture as royalty.

During the 2019 Homecoming dance, the Student Council Class Officers announced the Emperor and Empress, a new system used to honor two teachers on campus. The first winners are decided via a direct election by the student body in the days prior.

The two crowned during the dance were none other than Mrs. Mallory Tesch as Empress and Mr. Dylan Stephens as Emperor.

“I feel honored, It really shows the dynamic I have with the kids,” Stephens said. “I’m definitely appreciative. I appreciate everything. I appreciate the kids and the fact that they like what we’re doing in the classroom.” 

Tesch also had words of gratitude for her students who decided to honor her through this election. 

“I love it. This is the best day of my life,” Tesch commented. “I worked really hard for this and I am very honored that I was chosen.” 

The crowned teacher royalty were not without running mates. However, those of whom were just as deserving.

“They were all deserving,” Tesch says. “I was very scared the entire time that I wasn’t going to win”

Stephens gives words of his running mates as well. 

“I thought Mr. Cabrera might beat me but I was confident. The only person I was worried about was Mr. Cabrera,” Stephens says. 

The decision to include teachers amongst those elected as royalty during the homecoming season is hoped to be continued in the coming years.

“It’s very exciting,” Tesch said. “It gets us interested in what’s going on.”

With new royalty and a new way for students to appreciate their teachers, many are excited for the homecomings of the future in hopes the tradition is continued.