Overcoming Cancer

On August 23, 2019, junior Bryce Wisdom finally rang the bell, signifying the end of this journey to be cancer-free


Principal Hernandez and Coach Rodney Williams meet up with Bryce Wisdom and his family the day he rang the bell that he is cancer free.

UPDATED: On September 12, 2019. cancer was found on Bryce’s liver and the spot where his liver was removed. He is currently going through the process or removing cancer. For more information, follow the family at Bryce Wisdom and Family Updates.

On August 23, 2019, junior Bryce Wisdom finally rang the bell, signifying the end of this journey to be cancer-freeWhat does it mean to show adversity? And how does one cope with the struggles and pain that are physically out of their control?

These were the questions junior Bryce Wisdom had to face when diagnosed with Wilms Tumor six months ago.

Now, six months later, Wisdom is officially cancer-free.

When congratulating Wisdom on his success, we often forget or don’t fully understand the journey necessary for him to get back on his feet. The removal of the tumor was simply the beginning of the entire process to make Wisdom as healthy as possible again.

”After surgery, the doctor told me that I would have to stay in the hospital for about two weeks so I could fully recover from my surgery,” Wisdom said.

From there, he had to deal with the after-effects of chemotherapy. According to the American Cancer Society, chemotherapy symptoms include fatigue, weight changes, hair loss, etc. 

“I had to drink a lot of water, rest and just try not to push myself too hard,” Wisdom said. “[Yet], sometimes that didn’t work and I would still feel terrible, so I would try and play video games to help me not think about it.”

While the process of dealing with cancer can be lonely at times, Wisdom had tons of support throughout the entire process. Along with his family, the school and athletic programs at Judson looked to uplift Wisdom’s spirits.

Just days before his birthday in April, the football program created bright orange shirts with the lettering “Bryce Strong” in white.

“I was very appreciative of everyone that actually wore the shirt and the coach for making them to show how much they support me,” Wisdom said.

Heading out of his sophomore year and into the summer, he continued his treatments. As the weeks turned into days, the ending of Wisdom’s cancer treatments were nearing around the same time as the beginning of his junior year.

“Leading up to that day, I was excited for all of my family to be there and for everyone to see me ring the bell. Plus for it to all be over, so I didn’t feel sick anymore and everything could go back to normal,” Wisdom said.

After a kidney removal and 19 weeks of chemotherapy, on August 23, 2019, Wisdom could finally ring that bell, signifying the end of this journey. Many people came to see Wisdom’s important day.

“I was surprised to see Principal Hernandez and Coach Will. I also appreciate UTSA for letting my brother come and support for my last chemo session,” Wisdom said.

While cancer makes up a portion of Wisdom’s life journey, the knowledge and lessons he has gained from it have shown.

“What I learned is that I am stronger than I thought and to also tell your parents everything,” Wisdom said. ”If I didn’t tell my parents I had blood in my urine, who knows what could have happened.”

In a guide to outlook and inspiration, the young athlete and survivor leaves a simple lesson to follow.

“The message I hope to give everyone is that if you ever see feel like somethings wrong don’t hesitate to tell someone. You should also never give up and keep fighting,” Wisdom said.