Preview of the 2020-2021 football season


Photo By: Isabella Sandoval

Senior Donnie Moody gets ready for the next play during a morning practice at D.W. Rutledge Stadium. The Rockets will open the season with a scrimmage against Brandeis.

With the 2020-2021 season around the corner, Rocket fans are expecting less than usual this year with the loss of some dynamic offensive and defensive players that we have come accustomed to.

With such a young team stepping up to the plate this upcoming season, junior Micheal Burroughs being our starting quarterback and fellow junior Andre Jones being one of our starting receivers, The Rockets season might be more tough than usual, but it will be a great season nonetheless.

The Rockets will play in a scrimmage against the Brandeis Broncos on Friday, September 25 at Rutledge Stadium. Because Brandeis is not an easy team to get through, this will be a good look to see what the season holds for both teams. 

The Rockets open up the regular season at Eagle Stadium, where they will play DeSoto, who is ranked 26th in Texas and 7th in region one. Last season, the Eagles accumulated for over 2500 yards passing and rushing. They are nobody to mess around with, finishing their previous season at 9-3 and 5-2 in their division. With starting quarterback Samari Collier returning this season, we can expect a lights-out season opener for the Rockets.

Score prediction: Rockets 42, Desoto Eagles 48. 

The Rockets go up the road for a game against New Braunfels at Unicorn Stadium on Friday, October 9. They were able to come out on top 54-20 last season. Last season, the Unicorns were sixth in the division with a record of 5-5. With the Rockets high powered offense, we can assume this will be a high scoring game from beginning to end.

Score prediction: Rockets 35, New Braunfels, 14 

The Rockets will welcome the Clemens Buffaloes for their second game of the season, which will be held at Rutledge Stadium on Thursday, October 15. During the 2019-2020 season, the Buffalos went 10-1 while being number one in their division. The Rockets also fell victim to the Buffalos last year with a score of 34-30. With Judson losing two key defensive starters, juniors Myzel Miller and Alan Caracheo, we can assume it’s going to be another high scoring game.

Score prediction: Rockets 42, Clemens, 35.

The Rockets go on the road to South San Stadium to take on the South San Bobcats on Friday, October 23. The Bobcats went on a 4-6 run finishing sixth in their division. They finished their season with 1,700 rushing yards and only 410 passing yards. The Rockets have been seen to stop rushing teams in the past such as Wagner, with then star running back LJ Butler. Wagner seemed very intimidating until the team faced them during the Hammerbowl and after they shut Butler down. They couldn’t do anything on offense. The Rockets can hold out on their rushing game, they can assume the Rockets will take the win.

Score prediction: Rockets 28, South San 7

The Rockets will also be traveling to Hornet Stadium where they will face the 26th ranked East Central Hornets on Friday, October 30. Last season, the Hornets finished with an overall record of 5-5 and a divisional record of 3-4. The Hornets also lost to the Rockets last season with a score of 9-49. However, the Hornets stats are nothing to joke around with, as their starting quarterback Caden Bosanko threw for 925 yards. Again, with Judson losing some key players, we can assume this will be another offensive heavy game.

Score prediction: Rockets 35, East Central 14. 

Coming off a bye week, Smithson Valley will look to stop the possibly rampaging Rockets as the Rangers travel to Rutledge Stadium on Friday, November 13. They fell to the Rockets last year losing by 30. They also finished their season with a divisional record of 4-3. From their previous battles, the Rockets have always shown up on top, so it’s safe to assume it’ll happen again even though the Rangers are not an easy team to get through to.

Score prediction: Rockets 21, Smithson Valley 14. 

The Rockets will travel to Lehnhoff Stadium on Friday, November 20 to take on the 14th ranked Steele Knights. Although falling to the Rockets in a shootout last year, the Knights do have the potential to foil the Rockets. With stats like 2286 passing yards and 2302 rushing yards, the Knights are more than able to take down the Rockets. Finishing with a season record of 8-3 and a divisional record of 5-3, we can safely assume that it’ll be another non-stop scoring game.

Score prediction: Rockets 48, Steele Knights 42.

Hosting the Hammerbowl this year, the Rockets take on the state semi-finalists Wagner Thunderbirds. With possibly losing their star running back Butler, the Rockets may cause trouble for the Thunderbirds. Wagner finished last season with an overall record of 13-2 and went 8–0 in their division. One of their losses did come from the Rockets, who blew them out 14-52. If the Rockets can exploit the loss of Butler and keep their offense at bay, they can for sure come away with another Hammerbowl title.

Score prediction: Rockets 42, Wagner Thunderbirds 14. 

The Rocket’s overall record at the end of the season is predicted to be 9-1 and they would rank first in their division with a record of 5-0. We can assume the Rockets will have another great season and head into the postseason on top.


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