Return of Food Fest


Photo By: Carlos Rosas

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, our annual Food Fest for Homecoming occurred. Food Fest has been a tradition for Judson High School for many years. This event gave students the opportunity to have fun and enjoy a variety of food.

 Food Fest is an event where organizations and clubs can come together to raise money for the organization for future events. This has been our first food fest in the past two years due to COVID-19 and unfortunate circumstances at school.

 After not having this event for so long, Judson High School has finally recovered its school spirit.

When the news broke out about the Food Fest, the coordinator, Mrs.Salazar, contacted all of Judson High School to have an informational meeting about the rundown. Which clubs are doing what exactly, and etc.. Due to not having this event many were very eager to participate. 30 organizations signed up to do Food Fest. 

On the day of the Food fest, the administration combined the lunches so all kids had the same amount of time to enjoy the event.  A & B lunch had an hour and C & D lunch had an hour.

In preparation for the food fest, we encouraged all the kids to be prepared to spend on the good food that they would provide. Some might think that the food is pre-made but what really went down was that a grill came out to make hot dogs, a skillet made mini tacos and kids were hand-serving all the food and drinks. With a spectrum of offerings, it was nice seeing kids with smiles on their faces and laughing. 

With all varieties of good food, many students’ fan favorites were the mini tacos done by Tennis, mangonadas by the Adult Years Program, and the corn in a cup done by the Spanish National Honor Society. 

There was music playing and kids with posters advertising– let’s just say it was very much a vibe- This event gave kids the opportunity to come together with enthusiasm and create memories of their high school experience.

A huge thank you to Mrs.Salazar, the organizations, the Assistant Principals, and Mr.Mendoza; but most importantly thank you to all the students of Judson High School. Without the students, we wouldn’t have had an amazing outcome and festive event. In total our school raised $13,450. Congratulations to all organizations on their accomplishments. 

We look forward to enjoying more events like this and showing all the Judson Spirit we have to offer. Remember students, for more fun like this it all determines on the student body’s behavior.