Review: Disenchanted

The long-awaited Disenchanted was released on November 18, 2022, and is available exclusively on Disney+. It is the sequel to Disney’s Enchanted

The movie features the original cast including Amy Adams (Giselle), Patrick Dempsey (Robert Philip), Idina Menzel (Nancy Tremaine), and James Marsden (Prince Edward). However, Morgan was not played by her original actress, Rachel Covey, but by Gabriella Baldacchino. 

Enchanted follows the story of Giselle, who lives in Andalasia, a fairytale land. She falls into a well, ends up in New York, and has to adapt to the reality of the real world. Her new found love, Prince Edward and his evil stepmother discover she is missing, and follows her into this new world. Giselle finds herself living with Robert and his daughter Morgan, for the time being, and this causes problems with Robert’s girlfriend, Nancy. In the end, The evil queen puts a spell on Giselle, and she is woken up with a true love’s kiss from Robert. The queen is slain, and Giselle and Robert live happily ever after. Almost…

In Disenchanted, Giselle is tired of living in New York, and misses her fairytale life. She sees a billboard for a small town with a “fairytale” feel called Monroeville, and it is exactly what she is looking for; so she decides to make the move with her family Robert, Morgan, now a high schooler, and new baby Sofia. Morgan, being a teenager, is against the move, and everything that comes with it. Malvina Monroe, played by Maya Rudolph, and her entourage make it known they run the town. The next morning, Edward and Nancy, King and Queen of Andalasia, give an Andalasian Wishing Wand as a gift to their goddaughter, Sofia, which can only be used by a true Andalasian daughter. 

Things are unfortunate for Morgan, and she takes her anger out on Giselle. Giselle then decides to take matters into her own hands by using Sofia’s gift, and wishes for a fairytale life, where the only problems are ogres and dragons. The next morning, the wish comes true, and becomes more of a problem than Giselle thought it would be. 

This movie did not disappoint. I love how they stuck to the 2D animation style when the setting was in Andalasia, as they did in the original, and they didn’t use the new animation techniques, like Frozen. The soundtrack was amazing as well, with my personal favorite being, “Badder,” which is the villain song. 

The only problem with this movie is that the plot was somewhat unorganized, with some of the roles being useless. Other than that, I think this was a great sequel, and it added to the story well, especially with the returning characters. There also were many nods to other Disney movies, if you watch closely. I highly recommend this movie to any Enchanted fans out there!