Review: Downton Abbey


Theatrical Poster Release; Carnival Productions, Perfect World Pictures

The Crawley Family made their comeback when “Downton Abbey” was released in theaters on Friday, September 20, 2019.

The high-status family was first shown in 2010, set on the edge of the Edwardian era and with a high-stake situation built to capture an audience from the start. This six-season show filled with mischief, money, and class focused on both the wealthy family living luxuriously upstairs and the busy, industrious staff downstairs.

However, now the Noble Earl and Lady Grantham are elevated to the big screen as they open their home to not only King George V and Queen Mary, but their numerous servants who seek to run Downton Abbey as they would a palace without the help of the faithful and loyal servants many have come to love.

Anger and pride start to run amok in the film as characters are pushed aside, including Charles Carson, the Downton butler, and Mrs. Patmore, the house cook. Among the finer protagonists, Lady Mary Talbot struggles with the question of the estate and her role in keeping it going, as well as her brother-in-law Tom Branson, who starts to partake in suspicious activity.

Throughout the show, scandals pop up and secrets are uncovered. In spite of the shadows cast by these secrets, other characters were able to find a happily ever after.

For example, Thomas Barrow, a well-known troublemaker and outcast, found a friendly face among the royal staff and took his opportunity to make memories. Lady Edith Pelham, the new Marchioness of Hexham, finds herself quarreling with her family and future plans, but the worries are eventually subdued with the help of her mother and Queen Mary herself.

Chaos of the royal visit continues to ensue and Downton’s staff is put to the test at how much their pride can stand and what they could do to represent the Downton name. As the movie winds down, there is cause for celebration, but also to mourn, as the doors of Downton Abbey close for the true last and final time.

Fans of Violet Crawley’s quick wit and Mrs. Patmore’s stand up attitude are in no shortage of entertainment. The final installation of Downton Abbey’s story has riveted many and ties all the adventures of each character up in a beautiful and tidy bow.