Review: Murder on the Orient Express


Murder on the Orient Express was released in theaters on November 10, grossing $85 million in the box office worldwide.

In the beginning of the film a detective, Hercule Poirot, played by Irish actor Kenneth Branagh, finds himself in Jerusalem solving a theft case. After he solves the mystery, he heads back home, then comes across his friend, Bouc, who invites him to aboard the Orient Express from the the train director himself.

In the first hours of the snowy ride, Poirot is addressed by Samuel Ratchett, an Orient Express passenger played by Johnny Depp. Ratchett wishes to pay Poirot a large amount of money to act as a bodyguard, since Ratchett has been sent many threats since boarding the train. The night after Poirot declines the offer, Ratchett is found dead in his room during a train evacuation due to being trapped on a mountain after an avalanche.

Quickly Poirot is on top of business questioning all of the passengers and getting a hold of any information to help solve the murder of Samuel Ratchett. Whilst hints are being found, Poirot comes across a damaged note connecting Ratchett with a case Poirot was once asked for help, but was too late when he received the notice; the abduction of Daisy Armstrong. It’s soon to be figured out that Ratchett is actually Daisy’s murder, John Cassetti.

When a conclusion is come to by Poirot, he meets everyone to suggest his ideas on how Ratchett was murdered, one being that everyone on the train had been in relations to the Armstrong family and booked a ride on the Orient Express to seek revenge on John Cassetti. The passengers confess to taking turns stabbing Ratchett in the middle of his sleep.

One of the passengers of the train, Linda Arden, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, admits to gathering the other passengers on this ride to all come together to kill Ratchett for the murder of Daisy. Pfeiffer earlier admitted to Poirot that she is the grandmother of Daisy.

At the end of the movie, Poirot is having trouble with deciding who the real suspect is and test the passengers, asking them to kill him since he’s the one that would tell their plan to the authorities. The one that picks up the gun is Arden, who instead points the [unknowingly unloaded gun] to her head and pulls the trigger. Poirot then realizes he must live with the fact that there is no one person to blame for the murder on the Orient Express.

The train is placed back on the rails and is set on its way to the next destination. Poirot takes the next stop in Yugoslavia where he tells Yugoslavian police that the man to blame for the Orient Express murder has not been found and so the train sets off from the station. All passengers continue their trip pledged innocent.

The film as a whole was entertaining and has a shock factor when answering the main question; who murdered Ratchett? It’s definitely a movie for those who enjoy mystery movies and worth the watch.