Review: Selena Gomez


On January 10, American singer Selena Gomez released her third solo studio album “Rare.” Gomez released “Lose You to Love Me” as her lead single on October 23 and it managed to top the Billboard Hot 100, making this song her first number-one single in the US. 

The first track is “Rare,” a fun and catchy song to listen to. The beat of the track is minimal, but the words do not overflow the song, making this track a good mix of beats and lyrics. This is the type to listen to remind yourself that you do not have to look the same as others or do the things other people do. It showcases Gomez’s belief that she does not want to be treated any way than what she deserves because she knows that she is special. 

The second track is “Dance Again,” a track that explains how it is okay to be vulnerable. It is not easy to just be vulnerable, but there is also nothing wrong with it because you just have to be able to let go sometimes. And when you do let go, it will feel amazing because you want to be able to control yourself. You want to be in control of your mind, your body, and when you have that control. It will feel amazing, rewarding even. The track is a light, upbeat song that is good to have fun and celebrate. 

“Look at Her Now” is the third track of the album. Although the beat was not the best out of the album and the various “mm-mms” seemed way too out of place, the lyrics still pulled at the heartstrings. The entire track is full of women empowerment, a deep song that could help pull some people out of their sad mindsets. This track explains that it is okay to go through hard times and that you will get better and things will be so much clearer for you once those dark clouds disappear. 

The sixth track is named “Vulnerable,” a very unique and inspirational song. The beat is much softer this time – the type of song to nod your head to while relaxing in bed. Some people have a stigma against being vulnerable, some see it as being a weakling. This song is all about how vulnerability doesn’t make you weak, instead, it makes you stronger than those who believe you to be weak. The song tells the listener to keep yourself up, to stay the same no matter how many people push or pull you down, no matter how hard.

“Kinda Crazy” is the tenth track, an experimental sort of song, a style that Gomez really has not done before. This song is all about how everyone is kind of crazy at some point in a relationship, especially a person she is talking about on this track, whether it be Justin Bieber or someone else. Gomez uses this song to show that she is stronger now, that what happened before does not affect her anymore. She is throwing extreme shade with this track, while at the same time keeping the truth about who this song is made for vague. 

The eleventh track is “Fun,” a zesty, lighthearted song full of deep beats and claps. The beat is not overwhelming and mixes well with Gomez’s voice. The song is about her having fun, not wanting anything serious with any future boyfriends or hookups. She doesn’t want to settle down, not at all, not yet at least. 

The twelfth track is “Cut You Off,” a song which is basically about cutting off those toxic people in your life to become who you are meant to be. You have to realize when someone is leeching on your happiness, instead of increasing it. It is okay to cut some people off as it is more dangerous to keep them in your lives after all, and Gomez realizes this and wants everyone else to as well. There are so many other things you could be doing, so you have to realize that being held down by these toxic people won’t allow you to do what you want. 

This entire album was full of creativity, deep and inspirational messages, and pure music that just showcases Gomez’s talent completely; a perfect package with a neat little bow.


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