Review: Wakanda Forever

On Friday, November 11, 2022, Wakanda Forever dominated the Box office with 330 million in global sales over the weekend. This movie is being argued online as one of the best Marvel movies Marvel has put out! The film has all the attention on it right now. The movie was based on emotion and action-packed scenes. This film will go down to be iconic. 

The first Black Panther movie came out in February 2018. Following the movie, the star actor Chadwick Boseman sadly passed away. With that tragedy, people were not sure how the new movie would look or even if they would continue with a follow-up. For a little backstory on the Black Panther, he is a warrior who fights and protects their country named Wakanda. They get their powers from taking a heart-shaped herb only made in Wakanda. Wakanda is its own country in Africa hidden in plain sight with a mirror barrier surrounding it from the outside world. 

To start the movie they hold a funeral ceremony for T’Challa/ Chadwick Boseman, which leaves his family, friends, and his sister Shuri distraught, and emotionally damaged. Knowing about this scene, audiences around the world wore white attire in tribute to the actor for this very scene. Shuri is one of the unique characters to keep an eye on in this film to see how she would overcome her brother’s death to help save Wakanda.

Wakanda Forever really is a story about progressing forward after dealing with the tragic loss of someone you care about. But it also shows you the joyous parts that come from family, friends, and life as a whole. 

Another great factor about the film is that it shed light on Mayan people. This is the first Marvel movie that has done this, and the Mayans even play one of the biggest parts of the movie. They even take you into a backstory of their lives with the slave trade, and they gave you a basic look into their culture. 

The movie is an inspiration to people of all cultures who are going through hardships and unthinkable grief. The movie also shows that you can lose a big part of your life, in family members, friends, or a well beloved leader like T’Challa, and still push forward to fulfill the promise of your purpose.