Rocket Bucket List

Bucket Lists are a great way to challenge yourself to go out and experience life. High school is the perfect opportunity to experience life and let loose a little. You can always blame it on the innocence of being young, and what a great excuse it makes. Below is a list of 60 things to do before you graduate from Judson High School.

  1. Get accepted into a college
  2. Have a graduation party
  3. Get a car
  4. Go to homecoming (with or without a date)
  5. Go to prom (with or without a date)
  6. Go Christmas caroling
  7. Make a YouTube video
  8. Attend a band competition
  9. Go to a mid-night showing of a movie
  10. Have a spring break road trip
  11. Explore downtown
  12. Participate in senior skip day
  13. Be on JRocketTV
  14. Attend a school play
  15. Go to a high school party
  16. Go to the beach with friends
  17. Have a bonfire
  18. Participate in Spirit Week
  19. Go to a pep-rally and show school spirit
  20. Go to Sab’s for breakfast, but be on campus in time for class
  21. Be in the Lip Dub
  22. Go to the HammerBowl
  23. Attend a choir concert
  24. Join a club
  25. Participate in Food Fest
  26. Attend an orchestra concert
  27. Go to a music festival
  28. Be in the Elephant Walk
  29. Go to Night Out in Ole’ Converse
  30. Buy a yearbook (for selfish reasons)
  31. Volunteer somewhere
  32. Go on a field trip during school
  33. Eat lunch with a teacher
  34. Enjoy a Senior day off from school (for STAAR testing) with friends if you can afford to miss school
  35. Be involved in a harmless senior prank
  36. Thank the teachers who made a difference in your life
  37. Write down or record the daily events of your life for at least a month
  38. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and keep it for the future
  39. Make a time capsule
  40. Tell someone how you really feel
  41. Learn how to play an instrument
  42. Get a job
  43. Send letters to people that matter
  44. Go camping
  45. Walk or run for a charity event
  46. Go to a poetry slam
  47. Go to the rodeo with friends and ride all the rides
  48. Learn to make one exceptional meal
  49. Have a karaoke night and actually sing
  50. Decide what you want to be, then change your mind multiple times afterwards
  51. Pull an all-nighter (whether it be from staying up all night studying or just for fun)
  52. Establish a regular Friday hangout
  53. Create a family recipe
  54. Take the time to except yourself for who you are
  55. Go tubing
  56. Play mini-golf
  57. Host a game night
  58. Throw yourself out there and sit with new people at lunch for a day
  59. Go to the movies by yourself
  60. Have fun while you still can.

For some people high school seems to last longer than four years. For other people, it seems to have gone by in a blur. But no matter how the time has passes you, the fact remains that high school will only last four years (more or less), and there is only so much you can do within that time. Whether high school is the best time of your life or you see better days coming, you can always make memories that last a lifetime.  When you cross off items from this list, take a selfie.  We want to see how many of us are working on this bucket list.