Rockets Fall to Westlake


Photo By: Esabella Paige

On Friday, September 2, 2022, the Rockets (1-0) faced off against Westlake (1-0) at D.W. Rutledge Stadium for their annual Judson Athletics Senior Night.

To start off the game the Chaparrals kicked off and sent the ball out of bounds. The Rockets started their drive from the 25-yard line. Senior Andres Villagram completes a quick pass to Senior Jonathon Johnson for a gain of a few. Villagram found senior Anthony Evans for a quick pass and then a 75-yard touchdown run. Senior Adrian Cortez scored an extra point giving the Rockets a lead of 7-0 against the Chaparrals. The Chaparrals ran a short route but it was caught up quickly by Sophomore Devaughn Lahreese. A short pass was caught by a Chaparral before a tackle by Senior Matthew Williams. The game was tied 7-7. The Rocket offense worked for some yards but was not successful. Junior Jaiden Haygood slammed a Chaparral for no yardage. The Rockets’ defensive line pressured the Chaparral quarterback into trying a short pass. Chaparrals score. The game was 14-7. The Rockets attempted a punt but ball was recovered by the kicking team resulting in a safety for the Chaparrals. End of first quarter 16-7. 

Starting off the second quarter with some positivity, Haygood made his way through the Chaparral offensive line for a tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Senior Johnny Bowens caught the Chaparral runner three yards past the line of scrimmage and absolutely slammed him into the turf. The Rocket defense forced a punt. A series of unfortunate events caused the Rockets to punt after three plays in possession. Cortez punted the ball a long fifty yards. The Chaparral offensive was blown up by Juniors Brydon Montgomery and Zhakius Thomas but the runner was tackled by Junior Myles Davis. The Chaparrals scored again but it was not an easy touchdown with Seniors Jeffrey Bondoc and Shamar Nguyen all over the Chaparral receiving core. Score was 23-7 at this point in the game. Judson took possession of the ball and immediately tried to expose the Chaparral secondary by making a few quick passes to Junior Michael Avery. Secondary quarterback Senior Jaden Castillo got put into the game and showed his skill as he ran 30 yards untouched. The Rockets failed to get a first down and punted. Sophomore Isaac Chandler locked down the Chaparral receiving core, batting down any ball that went his way. Group tackle after group tackle, the Rocket defense forced a turnover on downs. Junior Nathaniel Stanley ran a few yards but was caught quickly by the Chaparral defense. Villagram completed a pass to Evans for a good first down before a couple of incomplete passes for the Rockets offense. Senior Luciano Trejo pancake blocked a defender, opening

a hole for Stanley to run some yards but is short of the first down. Cortez punted the ball off to the Chaparrals but was denied again from a mix-up in the Rockets punt team. Score was 30-7 at this point in the game. The Rockets couldn’t seem to hold possession as they went without a first down and the ball was turned over. The Chaparral offense got stopped by Thomas in their first play then scored off their second going into halftime. Halftime score was 37-7.

Coming out of halftime Chaparrals had possession. A quarterback sneak was quickly caught by Senior Kavari Smith. Not soon after Junior Kevin Duhart recovered a fumble in the backfield. Villagram completes a pass to Senior Gavin Harris but the Rockets can’t keep up the momentum. Punt by Cortez. Junior Nehamiah Pryor and the Lahreese group tackled a Chaparral on the line of scrimmage. Haygood slammed a Chaparral in the backfield. The Rocket defense gave it their all at that point of the game. The Rockets forced a punt from the Chaparrals. After a series of short passes and short runs the Rockets punted again. The Chaparrals scored a touchdown but it was not given to them as Nguyen and Bondoc showed their all in this position. Score was 44-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. 

The Chaparrals and the Rockets went at it in the fourth quarter. The Rocket defense stuffed the Chaparral offense and forced them to attempt a field goal. Score was 47-7. The Rocket offense put it all on the line and gave the last quarter everything they had left. After back and forth possessions the Rockets finally got a touchdown from a long pass to Evans deep downfield. Score was 47-14. The final possessions were a brawl to see who wanted it more. The Rocket defense didn’t give up any more points as the clock trickled down to the final seconds of the quarter. The Chaparral defense put pressure on the Rocket offense, not allowing them to score either. Game ended 47-14. A tough battle for the Rockets. 

The Rockets (1-1) will play Pflugerville-Weiss (0-2) on September 10, 2022 in Pflugerville at The Pfield.