Senior athletes hit hard by pandemic

Athletes all over the country spend most of the year practicing with their team, training to be in the best possible shape for their first game of the season. However, a slew of athletes in various sports has had their senior seasons canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

All their hard work has seemingly been wasted.

This year’s seniors had one year left to play the sport they fell in love with as a kid before they head into the real world and/or go to college. Now, because of the outbreak, they have one less year of tape that could have helped them get scouted and get a scholarship, one less year of experience because their season was canceled, and one less year of a chance to win a state championship in high school. 

Senior Joshua Villarreal, a varsity baseball player, had high hopes for his senior year, but they were cut short due to the virus. He and his team were very optimistic for the season as they had a promising preseason, but they won’t be able to see what they can do as their season has been suspended. 

“Overall, it kinda hurt all of us as a team because we had a solid team this year and we were excited to see how we did in the district,” Villarreal said. 

Track runners like senior Cory Mobley have been highly disappointed with their senior season being cut short. This last season was supposed to be the best out of their high school career 

“In all honesty, mentally, it hurt really bad,” Mobley said. “Senior season is supposed to be your best season, most fun season, and the most fulfilling season. To have that taken away just hurt bad because you’ll never get another high school senior season.”

Senior Kaili Luna is on the varsity softball team. For her to not experience the same as her recently graduated friends affected her personally. Softball is one of the most important things in her life and she won’t be able to experience the same senior year as all her other friends once did.

“It has taken a toll on me mentally because thinking that I can’t experience something so important to me is heartbreaking,” Luna said. “I have watched seniors for the past three years have an amazing senior year and I won’t be able to experience that at all.” 

The pandemic has taken a major emotional toll on high school athletes all across the country. Many of them just wish they can get their final high school season in before they head to college. These athletes will no longer have the chance to complete and achieve all they wanted to in their final season and will now have to go to college with even more uncertainty ahead. 


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