Senior James Le named valedictorian


There are those kids who come to school solely to learn and focus on their academics. That commitment makes one soar, all the way to the top.

Senior Jame Le is a prime example of those dedicated students. He has been named valedictorian for the 2019 senior class.

Le’s dedication to his school work is crystal clear. But to him, being named valedictorian was a surprise.

“I feel very proud to have this position,” Le said. “I’d never expected it, it was a good surprise. I never really focused on class ranks. I just focused on doing the best I can.”

His schedule is full of AP classes including government/economics, English, calculus, and computer science principles, but he still wishes he did a little more outside of the classroom.

“I should’ve done more extracurriculars. [I didn’t] because I was shy,” Le said.

Le is currently apart of NHS and joined the academic decathlon team this year.

“My senior year, I started jumping in much more,” Le said. “It’s never too late to try.”

Le plans to go to the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and major in computer science. He is still unsure about his career but is definitely staying open-minded.

“I’m not exactly sure because what happens after [college] could be anything,” Le said.

He is also very lucky to have a strong support system including his parents.

“They have been supporting me all the way. They’re very proud,” Le said.

Pushing himself to take advanced classes, stay up late to study, do homework, and staying consistent has all finally paid off at the end of his high school career. He’s number one.