Senior year was the best roller coaster ride


The past four years of high school have been something else. But senior year was simply speechless.

I didn’t start my freshman year at Judson. I came my sophomore year. I was frightened of being the new girl on campus, having no friends, having to leave my others behind, having to start new. Soon enough though, I made some friends that are my best girlfriends now. They are some of the most amazing friends that I can ask for.

As my sophomore year came to an end, junior year felt more comfortable. I knew more people and had more friends than I had ever expected.

I had a class that I called my family.

I got put into a new newspaper program. I was saying to myself, “Get out of this class. It’s probably boring and nothing to it.”

Gladly, it was already too late to switch out. As I got to know the course, I loved it. I was given the opportunity to become the lead photographer for The Fuel. I ended up finding my place.

The year was flying by quickly and I was getting nervous for my senior year. So much prepping. So much stress. But it was our time to shine.

I walked into the first day of senior year with my best friend, looking like we owned the school. At least that’s what we were thinking. I was excited to see what this year would bring me. I already knew what I was looking forward to the most – those Friday nights!

At every home game, I’d be on the sidelines snapping photos of our boys in action. If I was not on the field as a photographer, I was up in the stands with the dance managers. There were five of us that made football games amazing. We continuously cheered for our boys even if everyone else was quiet. All you could hear was, “Let’s go boys! Take it home. Come on boys, get your head in the game!”

Hanging out with them each Friday was priceless. We lost our voices at a few games in excitement, yet cried at the last game of the season. We laughed every moment and danced the entire time. You could definitely tell that we had Rocket Pride.

In a blink of an eye, we were half way through the school year and I was not prepared at all. Left and right all I would here is, “What do you want to do after high school?” “Where are you going to college?”

I was fed up with hearing about college.

The year started getting harder. Things were out of place and I was beyond stressed out. I hadn’t applied for college or done anything to deal with college. I was done with all that.

Now, I’m situated. I have a plan to further my education. I know what I want to do.

Senior year is coming to an end – we have less than two months left. Crazy to think we will be going into the real world as young adults.

But let’s be blunt – we’re beyond happy that it’s almost over. I will miss my high school years though.

My senior year went perfectly, everything I imagined it to be. High school was a roller coaster but senior year was the best ride. I’m honored to be graduating as a Judson Rocket.