Share love in a different way on Valentine’s Day

February 14 is the day that many people are happy about. You get to appreciate everything you love and those who love you. When you are in a romantic relationship, it only makes that day sweeter.

Being in a relationship on a day that is meant to celebrate love can be a little tricky. It seems obligatory to show your partner that you love them in a way you have not before. You might want to take them out on a romantic dinner date. Or it could be some cheesy balloons with the words ‘I love you’ on them and a box of chocolates.

In high school, it’s more likely to be the latter. While Valentine’s gifts from your significant other should be serious, sometimes you just want to have some fun. It will be more special with them than with your friends because you celebrate a different way.

Now there can be downsides to Valentine’s day, even when you are in a relationship. Generally, you get gifts with high expectations, especially the longer you’ve been together. Your partner could want something expensive and fancy, but you were wanting to give them something you think is special between you two. Where do you compromise?

Instead of choosing one or the other, why not combine the ideas? You can give them what they want and have it be sentimental at the same time. Incorporating a charm of a simple movie ticket from your first date into a necklace can make you both happy.

Being with a significant other on Valentine’s day can go wonderfully, but you also have to remember the rest of the people you care about: your friends and family. You can’t give all of your attention to a person who may not stay with you for the rest of your life. If it doesn’t end well, your friends and family will be there to pick you up again and they will love you just as much as anyone.

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend on this iconic day is great. Your partner has the chance to express their feelings in an over-the-top way that is ridiculous and fun. But don’t let that one love keep you from the others you have.